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The Cody Legal Judicial System About To Get A New Judge

The Cody Legal Judicial system is about to get a new Park County Circuit Court Judge. For 20 years Judge Bruce Waters is calling quits. His plans are to retire his judge’s robe on December 3, 2021.

According to Judge, Bruce Waters has come under fire for his handling of various cases by both litigants and some in the legal community, However, according to the behavior of the Judge, he would bend over backwards to help those that did not have lawyers who appeared before him.

Judge Bruce Waters sat on the Judicial bench longer than any other Wyoming Circuit Judge in the state of Wyoming. Judge Bruce Waters has no immediate plans after he retires, but he is sure to do some relaxing on out-of-state trips.

Reelected back in 2018, Bruce has gotten to know many of the people that come before him. Some good people and some bad people. But all humans who needed the legal system to step in and help. This is where Judge Bruce Waters shone.

Since Waters is leaving his judicial post early, the Wyoming Gov. will appoint the new Judicial District Court Judge that will take his place.

Judge, Bruce B. Waters hopes he left the legal system better than when he first became a judge all those 20 years ago.

Judge, Bruce B. Waters was reelected to the Fifth Circuit Court with 78.3 percent of the vote on November 4, 2014. In 2010 he was once again reelected.

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