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100 Cody People Gather At UnConstitutional Mandate Rally

Freedom Rally Veterans Memorial Park Sept. 18, 2021 I would like to start by saying, God bless the wonderful feisty people of Wyoming. Your unabashed patriotism and love of country knows no bounds and collectively runs deeper than in any other part of this nation, at least that I’ve experienced. This is what I remember all of America once being. Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry and Paul Revere would feel very at home here. The spirit of The Greatest Generation is still here, and that is not only refreshing, it inspires me and gives me hope.

I do struggle at times with having any hope about seeing this country return to its roots. But you people give me hope, Wyoming gives me hope. You are a vanishing breed, and this state is the last bastion of conservatism and common sense and old-fashioned values and historic Americanism in this country. You are how all America once was. But we now find ourselves at a tipping point and only history will reveal if we’ve reached the point of no return.

The prophets of old once said that a day would come on this earth when “evil would be called good, and good would be called evil.” That day has come, that day is here. What kind of mindset is it that we’re dealing with that really believes every white American is racist.

How judgmental can you get? How do you even dialogue with a mentality that proliferates intolerance while posing as the purveyors of tolerance? How is it possible to even have a rational discussion with anyone who has become so calloused as to dismiss the gruesome, dismemberment and destruction of a helpless, unborn child as a mere political issue?

What do you do with someone who truly doesn’t believe there is such a thing as absolute truth? – that there are some things that are absolutely and always true for all people in all places at all times. And that there are some things that are absolutely and always false for all people in all places at all times.

If you have no True North, or if YOU are your True North, you can redefine everything: up is down, what’s right is what’s wrong, good is evil and evil is good.

Its now being recommended to children and pregnant women, which is unprecedented w/o long-term studies in these populations. But even if this vaccine was not so suspect, it still is not ultimately about the vaccine. Every American should be free to choose whether to take it or not – not coerced, not backed into a corner. This is about our freedom, not the vaccine, and it is freedom that is now on the chopping block. My second-born son is an officer in the United States Marine Corps. Recently, the Navy issued an order to all of its members, that they must be vaccinated – this would include and involve all of the Marines in the Corps.

Right now, the upper brass of the USMC know they are facing a potential mass exodus of young men who love the Corps like they love their own lives, but who will not bow. These young warriors will take what will be called a “dishonorable discharge” rather than surrender their inalienable right to choose. So right now, the upper brass are looking the other way and not enforcing this order, because they don’t want to lose thousands of these highly-trained freedom fighters. But if push comes to shove, a significant number of Marines will bolt. This is what this present administration is doing to our country. The same thing is happening with the Los Angeles Police Department.

The mandate to vaccinate resulted in 3,000 police officers filing for religious exemption – if it would not have been granted, most of them would have walked. And this is happening all over the nation. This is a no-brainer, Mr. Biden, this is not a difficult decision. Just do the right thing. Stop caving to your handlers and the bureaucrats and the globalists. Be a leader, do the right thing … follow the Constitution. And Governor Gordon, stay with Wyoming on this, listen to your people. Don’t cave to Washington, don’t let them get their hooks in us. Protect your people, and let freedom boldly ring in this state! And finally, to the amazing American patriots of this incredible community, called Cody, Wyoming, it falls to you to lead the way. Stoke the fires, rally the troops, stay focused, stay passionate, stay relentless, stay together … you must lead the way. Thank-you and bless you!

Think of it: Biden’s nationwide vaccine mandate is the first major step towards a two-tier society where the unvaxxed are cut out of the economy. The next logical step of course has to be forced vaccinations under threat of fines, imprisonment, or even the confiscation of one’s children. It is not a stretch at all to anticipate a major push towards a medical passport in order to enter into any public place. As one commentator put it, “… the Orwellian rise of vaccine passports has officially begun in the U.S.” This means a social subservience to 24/7 contact tracing as well as having to get another new vaccine whenever ordered to, because new mutations of Covid-19 will emerge every year from now on. Your life will be under the total control of the state and federal governments – it will be nothing less than unmitigated medical tyranny affecting every other area of our lives. Never mind the fact that Biden’s recent announcement was an off-the-charts, egregious violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, bringing into submission those stubborn Americans who refuse to become guinea pigs for these unprecedented experimental and untested vaccines. Did you know there is viable evidence that this vaccine actually suppresses the immune system?

I didn’t know that until I poked around a little more. Did you know this Covid-19 vaccine is known as a “leaky vaccine,” which means it doesn’t stop infection entirely, it merely suppresses the symptoms? And did you know there is also evidence that multiple rounds may result in a virus that is much more deadly, to where the vaccine won’t work at all. This has been seen in other leaky vaccines of this type. I had no idea until I looked into it more, that this Covid vaccine only deals with one facet of immunity, which is the spike protein, whereas your natural immunity is more robust and deals with many facets. And based on other highly vaccinated countries, it appears the vaccine may be failing and not as effective as they originally thought, which would be a prelude to endless booster shots. I also had no idea that this vaccine was developed by a brand new technology (called MRNA technology) that has never been used before in humans. All of the other vaccines previous to this one have taken 5-15 years of testing and development. This one took less than 18 months with this new technology, and

I was born male, but I’m actually a female. The role of government is to give you everything, because that’s “compassion”. That little yet-to-be-born person is not a person – it is mere fetal tissue. The Bible says this, but that offends my modern sensibilities, so I’ll interpret it like this … there, that fits my lifestyle and my baser inclinations. The American flag is racist, the Star-Spangled Banner is racist, and the Constitution was written by a bunch of racists … so all 3 have to be replaced. I want to get married to my dog, and if you object, you’re against freedom, because “freedom” is doing whatever you want.

If you have no True North, you can redefine everything. And that is the insidious cancer eating away at the very soul of this country. They’ve redefined marriage, human sexuality, morality, compassion, racism, patriotism, and the American identity. But at the base, at the core, notice what they’ve ultimately redefined: truth and freedom. If you don’t have the one, you can’t have the other. To know the truth is to be free, to live within the Big Lie is to live in bondage, and to put other people there as well. Which brings us to the purpose of this rally … The insidious cancer of the toxic political philosophy that has overtaken this country has found the open door it’s been waiting for to start stripping us of our freedom. In their minds, forcing you to take a vaccination is necessary because you, the American people, are not cooperating. And the reason (they will only admit behind closed doors) is because you’re not smart enough to make this decision on your own – not like those in government. So they’re really doing you a favor, you just aren’t smart enough to realize it. That is part of what motivates the Powers-That-Be. (There are, likely, other more nefarious intentions, but for our purposes here, we won’t even go there.) Are there a few other rare times in history where things have been as convoluted as they are now? No doubt, but this moment in our history certainly ranks right up there with the most convoluted of them.

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