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Liz Cheney, desperate fearing the end of her political career is near

The embattled Liz Cheney has become desperate for her political survival in part due to trying to make Donald Trump look bad and bad-mouthing her Wyoming constituents and conservative voters in Wyoming.

Cheney has spent her capital by forcing the country to go through 8 political witch hunt hearings that have no legitimacy to any facts Cheney keeps babbling about. Now Cheney, fearing that she will be booted out by Wyoming voters, has requested that Democrat voters in Wyoming switch parties and vote as Republican, but voting for her only. Cheney is trying to fend off a primary challenge in August that will be the death nail in her political career.

Liz Cheney even went as far as providing information as to how Democrat voters can switch parties so she can have more votes. Cheney is in a political death spiral tailspin.

Cheney will deny it and her campaign staff will deny it, but several individuals inside of the Cheney campaign have contacted the Wyoming News and stated that Liz Cheney has been sending out targeted mailers to Wyoming Democrats and independents in hopes to encourage those voters to switch party affiliation. The Wyoming News has verified that what Cheney Campaign leakers stated was actually true. On Cheney’s re-election website, Cheney encourages Democrat voters to the FAQ on how to “change my party affiliation to register as a Republican so I can vote for Liz.”

Is this not close to stealing an election Liz Cheney? Maybe you need to be investigated.

Liz Cheney lied to the public when she stated to the New York Times back in February of 2022 that she was not going to create such “Democrats for Cheney” recruiting liberal Socialist Democrats. But that is exactly what she is doing. Cheney is flip-flopping like the dead fish she is.

According to sources from within the Hageman campaign they admitted to the Wyoming News that in fact they are aware of the fact that Liz Cheney has reached out to Democrat voters, encouraging them to switch party affiliation so that she has a better chance with better voting numbers.

Cheney however, is facing over 70% of a voter red wall that are Trump supporters who intend to voter her out of office for LIFE!

According to Hageman campaign members, Cheney does not even have the support of Democrats in Wyoming, no less get any cross-over voting. Cheney basically even in her own party of Democrats has become an embarrassment that destroys everything Cheney touches, much like Joe Biden experiences.

Yes, Liz Cheney is the most hated woman in the state of Wyoming. Wyoming voters intend to send her a strong message when they send her packing.

Liz Cheney and the ilk like her, are not wanted nor accepted in the state of Wyoming as a representative for Wyoming. Cheney, you need to start packing your backs, it’s time to say goodbye soon.

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