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American Exceptionalism

The story which follows, is that of the American Dream, and how using the belief in American Exceptionalism, not only led to the founding of our country, it has seen us through some very dark and desperate times. Believing in American Exceptionalism, does not, in and of itself, make anyone a racist, a xenophobe or an isolationist…It makes you a proud American, proud of our country, and proud of our abilities to rise to the occasion, repent for our shortcomings and then emerge as stronger and more united people.
The ideology of American Exceptionalism, has its foundation rooted in the belief The United States was intentionally created to be fundamentally different than any other nation on earth. In the furtherance of this belief we fought the Revolutionary War demanding: freedom of speech and religion. We fought to defend the ideals of liberty and equality, of individual responsibility, and national sovereignty. We fought against tyranny and the heavy hand of the political class and embraced the belief in representative democracy and a free market economy. Historians, having long studied the birth of our nation argue, it is our belief in liberty, equality, constitutionalism, and the well being of ordinary people which give credence to the idea, Americans are special people, with a special destiny to lead the world toward liberty and democracy.
For decades U.S. leaders on both sides of the political aisle not only believed in American Exceptionalism, but championed the ideology. Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, JFK, Ronald Regan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush not only embraced the concept of American Exceptionalism, but made it a part of their core belief system. Not until 2008 did the idea that  American Exceptionalism is a myth become commonly held by a sitting U.S. President. Many in America today point to the election of Barack Obama as the point in time when the idea of hating America was woven into mainstream thinking. Rather than focusing on the progress our people had made in overcoming our shortcomings, a new belief system was actively promoted. A belief system which focused on the pain of our past, placed the importance of race above all other characteristics, and called for our people to fundamentally change the way America should be perceived. This change ultimately replaced the optimism of believing in the promise of our future and began teaching victimhood over self-determination. 
Countless examples of American Exceptionalism can be found throughout history, if one will only look. It is here where we find another example of the tactics used by the modern day Marxist’s in their fight to destroy patriotism and diminish pride in America. For decades part of our children’s core education required an understanding of civics, which teaches the rights and duties of citizenship. Sadly, it is our children who have become the targets for indoctrination over education. It is not a difficult concept to understand why so many young people are not patriotic when they have been taught nothing of what it means to be an American or of the sacrifices made for them to preserve America. As is always the case with promotion of propaganda, it is much easier to be taught to hate when you have no first hand knowledge about the subject of that hatred. In 1863, as the U.S. Civil War raged on, President Abraham Lincoln, spoke passionately on the concept of American Exceptionalism, in his Gettysburg address. Lincoln’s historic words ring as true today as they did 160 years ago, when he said, Americans have a duty to ensure “government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” This concept holds firmly to the belief, it is the knowledge of America’s history itself, which gives us our advantage over other nations of the world.
Today’s Marxist’s attack the ideology of American Exceptionalism, believing their enlightened insight represents a new progressive form of thought. Hereto, just a bit of time spent in history class would illustrate the absurdity of this notion and surely bring a patina of shame upon the true believers. The term American Exceptionalism, was in fact first used in 1929, by then Soviet Communist leader, Joseph Stalin. Unlike the American definition, Stalins’ use of the term was derogatory, and intended to criticize what he called, the revisionist faction of the Democratic Socialists. Stalin viewed Marxists as nothing more than a power hungry mob, seeking to create an elite bureaucratic class, to rule over the common man.
Perhaps the best example of American Exceptionalism, can be found in what we have called, The Greatest Generation. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, young men and women descended on the recruiting offices of our military, not to protest America, but to sign-up and defend her. However, it was not only young people who felt the call to defend our country, all of America, regardless of political ideology, came together to support our troops, our flag, and our way of life. It has always been the American can do spirit which has allowed our country to accomplish seemingly unimaginable tasks. When we needed the efforts of not just our military, but all of our people, it was the belief in American Exceptionalism, which hardened our resolve and illustrated the strength of our people. Only by the grace of God and our belief in American Exceptionalism would our efforts and sacrifices defeat both, Nazi Germany and the Japanese Imperialists.
It should not be easily forgotten, who and what, lies behind the capitalism of the corporations and companies of America. America is powered by the blue collar, middle class American worker. Our free market economy is driven by American consumers who believe in the concept, from those who much is given, much is expected in return. America is infused with the indomitable spirit of our people; and Americans have always responded to the words spoken by JFK, when he said, “ask not what your country can do for you- ask what you can do for your country.” Using the knowledge gained and the technology developed from our victory of Nazi Germany, America sent men to the moon and returned them safely back to earth, then shared what we learned with the world. Harnessing the ideals of American Exceptionalism, JFK implored our people to do this,”not because it is easy, but because it is hard… to accept the challenge, we intend to win.” 
The 1950’s and 60’s, brought with them some of Americas’ darkest days. Racial injustice, segregation, lynchings, violence, and all manner of hate filled speech. For far too long, the violence was commonplace, and was ugly then, as it is today. Yet here again, the concept of American Exceptionalism would provide the impetus to make great changes to our social structure. Rejecting the separate but equal Jim Crow mentality, Dr. Martin Luther King, led our country through drastic change, righting many of the wrongs, which had come before. Not through violence, but persistence, and the belief in the tenets of our Founding Fathers. Dr. King using the content of his character rather than the color of his skin accomplished a great deal of social change in America. Dr. King will forever be remembered for his belief in American Exceptionalism, his sacrifice, and his undying commitment to the concept of not tearing down the U.S.; but rather, contributing to the building of a more perfect union. 
As we gather our friends and family for the 4th of July celebration, take just a few minutes to think about why we celebrated the 4th. Think about the brave men and women who will not be with their families because they are standing watch, keeping us safe, and defending our freedoms. Think about the countless men and women who came before us, and never made it back home to their families, and raise a glass in remembrance of their sacrifice’s. When the honors have been paid, celebrate the fact, you live in the greatest country in the world not in spite of; but rather, because of…American Exceptionalism.
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