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Cody Wyoming Police Blotter Report

October 05, 2021 ARRESTS:
10/05/21 Ezra Rodgers, Wolf Point, MT, 20, Arrested for Prop Destruction

10/05/21 Isaiah Lachenmeier, Cody, 21, Arrested for Probation Violation

10/05/21 Rodney Mortimore, Cody, 52, Arrested for P&P Arrest & Hold Order, (Incident #2110050017)

07:43 Patrol-Extra 2110050010 Officer initiated activity at Livingston Elementary School, 12TH St, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.

08:06 Patrol-Extra 2110050013 Officer initiated activity at Livingston Elementary School, 12TH St, Cody. . Disposition: Completed.

08:29 Other Law Violations 2110050014 Occurred at Green Acres Mobile Home Park on Rocky Rd. . Rp-states a male is taking advantage of her father
who has dementia. . Disposition: Assistance Given.

11:30 Assist other Agency 2110050017 Occurred at Probation And Parole – Cody Office on Stampede Ave. . Assist w/a house search and arrest and hold. . Disposition: Assistance Given.

11:31 Nuisance Complaint 2110050019 Officer initiated activity at Haugen St, Cody. Rp-wanted to speak to officer about grass to tall and trash in a
yard. . Disposition: Assistance Given.

11:33 Nuisance Complaint 2110050020 Officer initiated activity at East Carter Ave, Cody. Rp-states across the street from above address is a couple of dogs barking he wants to speak to a officer. . Disposition: Assistance Given.

11:35 Animal-Stray 2110050022 Occurred at Green Acres Mobile Home Park on Rocky Rd. . Rp-caught a dog and would like it picked up. .
Disposition: Assistance Given.

11:44 Nuisance Complaint 2110050031 Occurred on Newton Ave. Rp has questions about the upkeep of the city sidewalks as he is blind and it’s a hazard to him when he’s walking. . Disposition: Assistance Given.

13:39 Theft 2110050053 Occurred on Frisby Ave. Rp says her px medication arrived at the post office missing from the box it was
shipped in. . Disposition: Assistance Given.

13:57 Traffic Stop 2110050055 Officer initiated activity at 12TH St, Cody. Ts-Driver citation for no insurance warned for exp Reg. .
Disposition: Citation Issued.

14:23 Animal-Stray 2110050058 Occurred on Beck Ave. Rp brought in a kitten. . Disposition: To Animal Shelter.

16:02 Parking Problem 2110050075 Occurred at Cody High School on 10TH St. . Trk and trailer blocking bus pull through. . Disposition: Gone on

16:47 Trespass Complaint 2110050088 Occurred on 19TH St. Male listed below is squatting. . Disposition: Assistance Given.

17:21 Suspicious Activity 2110050094 Occurred on Meadowlark Ct. **Delayed** Few nights ago, RP’s mother had someone messing with her door and doorbell. Rp would like px. . Disposition: Assistance Given.

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