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Cody Wyoming Police Department Blotter Report

The Cody Wyoming police department blotter report is:

Arrests made: 30-year-old Yelena Olson, from Powell Wyoming, arrested on an outstanding warrant for the use of a controlled substance and the possession of a controlled substance and a probation violation.

September 9, 2021

00:20 Nuisance complaint at the Ponderosa campground on 8th street. The reporting party states there is a pressure washing machine operating and keeping people up outside of the Dairy Queen business.

06:59 a stray animal over at the West Park Hospital on Sheridan Ave. A blonde colored dog is at the entrance. Has a blue collar around its neck.

07:34 Traffic Stop was initiated on Sheridan Ave. Driver warned about speeding in a restricted speed zone area.

7:34 Extra patrol provided at the Eastside Elementary School.

7:45 Office initiated a traffic stop at BIg Horn Ave. Driver warned about speeding in a restricted school zone.

7:47 Officer initiated traffic stop at Sunset Elementary School on Sheridan Ave. Driver warned about speeding in the school zone.

7:50 Extra patrol activity at the Cody Middle School Cougar Ave.

7:55 Traffic stop on North Lake/West Circle Drive. Driver warned for speeding.

8:30 Animal call on Spirit Mountain Drive. The reporting party wanted to speak to CEO regarding a skunk that was in his garage.

9:47 Violations on Alger Ave, reporting party wanted to speak to the CEO regarding an RV and the subjects living in it.

9:50 Traffic stop on BIg Horn Ave. Officer made an arrest.

10:34 A. White Lotus on Sheridan Ave. A vehicle parked across from the Wells Fargo building facing East bound. Horse inside the trailer is kicking the inside of the trailer violently.

10:59 vehicle crash at Wal-Mart and Yellowstone Ave. Reporting party advised that her truck was hit while at the above location on 9/6. Reporting party wanted to file a report.

11:13 Traffic stop over on Buffalo Bill Center of the West and Sheridan Ave. Driver warned for speeding.

11:23 Traffic stop on 16th street. Driver warned for speeding.

12:01 Property was found on Rumsey Ave. A wallet was found. Reporting party thinks an employee from Granny’s contacted owner.

12:28 a Tress-Pass complaint at Deja Vu on Big Horn Ave. Reporting party wants to have an individual trespassed from the store. Reporting party has a license plate from a vehicle of the person they wanted trespassed.

13:39 Parking problem on 18th street. reporting party advised someone parked a large cargo trailer in front of her house. Been there since 9/1 Reporting party does not know who owns the trailer and would like the CEO to check it out.

14:43 Lost animal near Beck Ave. Missing female cat. Been missing a couple of days. Tortoise shell coloring all over except one hind leg that is tan. No collar, cat responds to the name “Pancake.”

14:48 Help render at the Juby’s trailer court on 19th street. Reporting party is calling that her mom doesn’t want her living with her. Reporting party wants to know what she needs to do so she can live with her dad.

15:22 Traffic stop at the Good2Go on Depot Dr. Driver cited for speeding in a school zone 34 in a 20 mile an hour restricted speed zone.

20:43 Traffic stop on Yellowstone Ave. Driver warned for speeding.

21:40 Suspicious Activity on BIg Horn Ave. Vehicle parked next to her property on Big Horn Ave, next to a truck she has for sale.

22:00 Traffic Complaint on Carter Mountain Motel on Central Ave. Motorcycles are speeding up and down 17th street hill.

22:26 Traffic complaint at the Cody Night Rodeo grounds on West Yellowstone Ave. Pickup truck doing donuts in the terrace next to the Rodeo ground about 15 minutes ago.

23:57 Noisy animal on East Carter Ave. Two dogs are barking constantly for about an hour.

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