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Joe Biden Wants Vaccine Mandates For Interstate Travel

While Biden allows for massive numbers of illegals crossing the Southern border, hen ships the disease invested illegals deep into the interior of the United States, Biden is now trying to quietly push through mandates for vaccines for interstate travel for Americans. Why has the liberal media ignored this?

It is because they don’t want you to know that this has been planned for some time now. It is another means to get control of the masses and limit their ability to travel and leave their assumed location. This is exactly what Hitler did. The Democrats are just like the Nazi Fascist brown shirts.

Joe BIden wants vaccine mandates for interstate travel

On Thursday, the white house admitted that they are worried that by doing this now it could be too early to enact this and could jeopardize the country and the Socialist agenda.

Currently, the Biden Administration likes to play the shame game on the individuals who choose not to get vaccinated, all the while demanding that private employers force vaccination on their employees, which, by the way, is illegal.

Here are a few radical comments that Biden has made:

April 1, 2021,Biden stated, Christians are ungodly if they did not become vaccinated. “I think this is the Godly thing to do. Protect your brother and sister.” “That is what you should do to become Godly.”

July 2, 2021. Biden stated that Black people should be used as guinea pigs. ” were almost like guinea pigs.” referring to the black Tuskegee airmen.

June 24, 2021. Biden stated that getting the latino’s vaccinated is hard to do. “It’s awful hard to get latinos vaccinated as well,” “Their worried that if vaccinated, they will be departed.”

We must keep the border open so that any illegal can cross into the United States. “Un-vaccinated of course.” Biden stated, “It is their right to do so.”

With President Trump, America First was engaged at all levels, yet with the fake president, Joe Biden, he closed the pipeline and then opened the borders for all to enter at will.

With President Trump, America first was engaged at all levels, and it was important to protect the national security of America, yet, with the fake president, Joe Biden. the military protects the transgender and pregnant pilots.

With President Trump, America first was engaged at all levels, and it was important to financially grow the middle class and lower-income families. yet, with the fake president, Joe Biden. only the wealthy and elite ruling class need to grow.

With President Trump, America first was engaged at all levels, honest elections were valued, but with Joe Biden he stole the election and wants election fraud to stay in power.

With President Trump, America first was engaged at all levels, limited Government was sought after and We The People rule yet, with the fake president, Joe Biden. Washington rules and more bigger government.

With President Trump, America first was engaged at all levels, and law and order and prosperity was important. Yet, with the fake president, Joe Biden, more gun control, defund the police, and no law and order, more chaos.

Biden rules with lawlessness and total nonsense; President trump ruled with common sense for the people, by the people.

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