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Kristi Nichols Named To Covenant Journey Academy Board Of Advisors

ORLANDO, FL — Kristi Nichols has been named to the Covenant Journey Academy (CJA) Board of Advisors, CJA is pleased to announce. CJA is a full-service K-12 online Christian academy available around the world 24/7/365. 
Nichols ministered in the inner city, in prisons, and in senior care centers for many years. Inspired by her faith, Nichols brings hope and encouragement to people with prayer, her presence, and her uplifting spoken word. 
Nichols donates her time to volunteer counseling for breast cancer survivors and their families. She also provides volunteer counseling to income-challenged families who otherwise could not afford these services. 
Nichols is passionate about educating and equipping people on the importance of preserving freedom and understanding the U.S. Constitution. As a result of her efforts, many people she has inspired have run for political office and continue to build their knowledge of accurate American history and understanding of the Constitution. 
In 2016 Nichols ran for U.S. Senate. She now serves as the President of the Republican Women of Greater Kansas City, where she inspires people to civic engagement. 
Nichols’ faith and trust in God are central to everything she does. Her faith has no boundaries or limits. Along with her faith, she believes strong families are a key component in equipping the next generation for leadership and to be productive citizens. 
In high school, Nichols was a cheerleader for the NFL Kansas City Chiefs. She cheered two years for the Chiefs with her sister, and they were one of the first sister teams to make the squad. 
Throughout her life, Nichols has participated in and won many pageants. Her crowns include the following:  Mrs. DC Galaxy 2011 Mrs. North America Galaxy 2012 Mrs. Israel Galaxy 2013 Mrs. New York United States 2014 Mrs. Missouri USA Earth 2015 Mrs. USA Earth 2015 Mrs. Missouri Woman 2016 Mrs. Royalty America 2016 Mrs. Royalty International 2019 Mrs. Missouri United States 2020 Mrs. USA 2021 Mrs. Israel Worldwide 2022 Mrs. Worldwide 2023 
Nichols was crowned Mrs. Israel Worldwide in 2022 and represented Israel in the Mrs. Worldwide pageant in 2023, where she was crowned Mrs. Worldwide. 
Through her pageantry, teaching, and public speaking, Nichols reaches many married women and their families as she shares her faith and teaches biblical values and principles. Her pageantry has afforded Nichols the opportunity to travel and speak throughout the country and internationally for charity and other events. She has traveled to all 50 states and 12 nations, using her faith, trusting God, and thinking out of the box for ministry opportunities.  
For Nichols, the USA is the best place in the world to live, next to Israel. Nichols will always be a Missouri gal. She and her husband, David, are lifelong Missouri residents. 
CJA is a full-service K-12 online Christian academy that is available around the world 24/7/365 with more than 150 courses all taught by certified teachers, along with more than 30 college courses taught by qualified university faculty. 
The dual enrollment options allow students to take college courses while in high school. Students can graduate with a two-year Associate of Arts degree while obtaining their high school diploma.  The mission of Covenant Journey Academy is to provide a superior learning experience built upon the foundation of a Christian worldview. CJA’s vision is to empower courageous generations of highly skilled people thoroughly grounded in a Christian worldview to transform the culture.  There are many unique features of Covenant Journey Academy, including the following:  1. Biblical worldview throughout each course. 2. More than 150 K-12 online courses for home or Christian schools. 3. All K-12 courses taught by certified teachers. 4. Around-the-clock availability 24/7/365 anywhere in the world. 5. Extensive electives to engage children’s unique skills. 6. Fourteen Advanced Placement courses. 7. Multiple levels of six languages — Spanish, French, Latin, German, Chinese, and American Sign Language. 8. A variety of Honors courses across middle school and high school. 9. An Honors high school diploma option. 10. Dual enrollment and college credit that can lead to an Associate of Arts degree. 11. All dual enrollment college courses taught by highly credentialed college professors. 12. Credit Recovery options for many high school courses. 13. Available teachers to support student learning by phone, email, and virtual meetings. 14. Self-paced options perfect for the specific needs of each student. 15. Parent account to track children’s progress anytime. 16. Rolling enrollment EACH week. 17. Full-time or part-time enrollment. 18. Affiliation options for church and private schools to launch or supplement their schools. 19. Parental resources and virtual community engagement.  At Covenant Journey Academy, students are taught to critically think and reason based on the foundation of a biblical worldview.  Founder and Chancellor Mat Staver said, “Covenant Journey Academy is the solution to the education crisis. Covenant Journey Academy brings high-quality private school education into homes and private schools around the world. The journey begins here and continues for life.”  
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