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The Hill to Die On Resist The Terrible Darkness 

A great man passed away on June 30, 2022.  Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko was a Soviet immigrant at 3-years old, Hasidic Jew, board-certified family physician with over 20-years experience, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his work in fighting COVID-19. Dr. Zelenko was also a freedom-fighter, unapologetic to the corrupt federal government and Big Pharma that worked in unison to prevent effective treatments from being administered.  He also led a White House petition asking that Drs. Anthony Fauci, Birx, Redfield, and Bright be charged and brought to justice for “crimes against humanity/mass murder” for the blocking of those effective COVID treatments.  Dr. Deborah Birx, ‘the scarf lady’, admitted, in a Senate hearing recently, that they lied to Trump and the public about the vaccines and COVID.  She knew the vaccine protection against COVID-19 would only last four months, but decided to keep it a secret.  Four months protection from a ‘vaccine’ that killed thousands upon thousands of people, injured many more, and cost trillions… criminal. It was Dr. Zelenko who recommended that President Trump take hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), an inexpensive, widely available drug.  It was Dr. Zelenko who treated over 1,500 high-risk COVID patients with 99% survival rate. It was Dr. Zelenko who developed an outpatient COVID protocol of HCQ, zinc, and azithromycin.   It was Dr. Zelenko that was smeared by the medical deep state, banned by Twitter, signed up again after Musk decided to buy the social platform, and then was suspended again after Zev questioned the efficacy of the vaccination program…all in the great bastion of freedom…Biden’s America.  Dr. Zelenko’s only desire was to get the word out.  He was not allowed. In December, 2020, the world’s second largest HCQ factory in Taiwan blew up mysteriously.  Personally, I am sick and tired of all these coincidences that we are supposed to ignore. “A 2020 peer-reviewed study of the Zelenko protocol, accepted for publication in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, found it “decreased hospitalizations by 84% and resulted in a 5-fold reduction in death.” As of today, this translates into nearly 845,821 needlessly lost lives.”  The New American “In further testimony to the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security in December 2020, Dr. Zelenko reported no COVID deaths among his high-risk patients. These included Holocaust survivors in their 90s, cancer patients, and diabetics, who normally experience up to a 20-percent fatality rate. All patients who followed his early treatment survived, he said.”  The New American Dr. Zelenko took the pandemic to a spiritual level, believing that the pandemic was manufactured, that the elites’ evil agenda was based on Darwin’s survival of the fittest and eugenics.  Zev understood that the globalist elites had convinced themselves that they have the right to decide who is worthy of life and who is not.   Zev believed the World Health Organization (WHO), which is funded by the sociopath, Bill Gates, is gaining more power over sovereign nations.  Last  year, Gates predicted that smallpox would be a big threat (even though it was eradicated in 1980).  Five days after his prediction, several vials of smallpox were discovered in a unsecured refrigerator in a Merck laboratory in Philadelphia.  It was no surprise that monkeypox (closely related to smallpox) has now appeared.  Dr. Zelenko said with confidence that “It will all continue until we make internal resolutions to kick the evil out from within us…to denounce the worship of false gods, technology, bad science, corrupt governments, money, power, and fame.” The good doctor expressed the heart of it.  To paraphrase Dr. Zelenko: COVID is a bio-weapon, producing a global genocidal event.  It’s response of vaccines and ineffective treatments were designed to produce high fatality numbers, producing fear and a compliant public. The world has rejected God and embraced mankind as supreme.  We believe we can change genders at will, our climate with just a few wind turbines, and, through technocracy, improve the human species where God has failed.   Zev was confident that the fear campaign, the lockdowns and the worthless masks, will be upped, once again, to create anxiety and fear as we approach the November elections.   Among Zev’s last words were: “Resist the fear and overcome the terrible darkness and plague that is upon us…I encourage and plead with everyone to up your game and stand up and resist, first by not giving in to fear and then resist publicly against the policies of tyranny which are coming again, and reconcile our hearts with our Creator.  The world has chosen science,,, those that chose the machinations of men and those that will bow down to the Creator.  Let the culling begin.  The world needs a cleaning. And when the process is done, the world will be filled with the knowledge of God.” “This is the hill to die on.” 

Ray DiLorenzo, writes for the “Stand Up America US Foundation”

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