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Who Is The Bigger Threat To American National Security, A Foreign County Or Joe Biden ?

Exactly what are the United States Infrastructure Sectors? Biden knows, and he is trying to destroy America’s Infrastructure by using his radical domestic terroristic executive orders and his WOKE New Green Globalist Deal pushing socialism on Free Americans.

The 1st question is, what does the word Infrastructure mean?

The Wyoming News did some research; this is what the news agency learned.
Infrastructure is America’s critical infrastructure sector, usually in the private sector, but some are also the government. It is the foundation of the United States’ national security.
Its self-meaning comprises national security, governance, economic vitality, and a Free way of life for all Americans.
But Biden and the Democrats are trying to destroy America from within.

So precisely what are America’s infrastructure Sectors?

They are as follows:
National Monuments and Icons
Food Postal and Shipping
Defense Industry
Health System
Emergency Services
Energy Transportation
Energy such as electrical, Gas, Oil, Dams, Water, and Nuclear
Banking and Finance
Transportation includes air, waterways, roads, rails, and shipping ports.

Now, remember that America’s enemies see our Infrastructure as “total easy, or soft or hard targets.” But all are considered very legitimate military targets.

The 2nd question is, what does America have in place for protecting free Americans?

The Wyoming News, in our research, discovered the following agencies that have been set up by the Federal Government, all designed to protect America.
They are as follows:
FBI, CIA, Home-Land Security, Department of Energy, Department of Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Marine Corps Intelligence, Naval Intelligence, Army Intelligence, Army Intelligence, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, formerly the NIMA, National Reconnaissance Office, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Treasury Department Office of Intelligence Support and the U.S. Coast Guard Intelligence.

According to a White House Source, these various departments are gathing information from various private sector sources on American people who live in the United States, such as the following:

News Articles, News Interviews, School papers, Police informants, and individuals charged and not charged.

Court documents, minutes from various public meetings, videotaped general public sessions, and private. Who has attended protests, snitches, and speeches given by conservatives?

Reporters, private business owners, Civic group leaders, Angry neighbors, waiters/ waitresses, postal carriers, Students, Church members, groups or associations or affiliations, ex-wives, ex-husbands, ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, and the list is endless. Not listed are all the digital footprints that everyone leaves with their computer, cell phone, and tablets, and the Wyoming News has just listed a few.

So let us look at what Biden and the Democrats have done to affect America’s Infrastructure.

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