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Will Biden Make It To 2024? Experts Say No, But Trump Will Return

The Democrat nightmare started when Joe Biden stole the election from over 80 million Americans who voted overwhelming for Donald J. Trump to be reelected.

In the bible / TORAH 80 bible verses talk about those who are evil and set traps for the Godly and righteous, upstanding will them self fail and fall into their own traps.

In the bible, death results from such wickedness of those evil people.

Joe Biden is just that Wicked Evil and already the world can see Joe Biden falling into disgrace and the wicked ones who hate President Trump are now falling into their own trap.

Joe Biden just can’t help himself.

He is sucking the whole Democrat party in to the dementia abyss as he slips deeper by the day into this black hole.

Just think, Joe Biden has been the United States President for about 247 days since he stole the keys (votes) to the White House.

Now even a lot of Democrats and progressives who voted for Biden are turning their back against Joe Biden and wanting former President Donald J. Trump back as the President of the United States.

The facts are stunning, the few voters who voted for Joe Biden, are having buyers remorse and if given a second chance they openly state that they would have voted for President Donald J. Trump hoping he runs again in 2024, they certainly will vote for a successful man not a Dementia failure as Joe Biden is and the do nothing Kamala Harris.

The latest poll supports these facts.

The Rasmussen poll survey states that in a Trump and Biden election in 2024 President Trump would win by 75% to Biden’s miserly 41%.

Even Independent voters overwhelmingly would vote for Trump if he runs again.

Kamala Harris would only have about 29% of American votes and Trump would literally wipe her off the map. The stats show that over one-fifth of Democrats would soundly vote for Trump in 2024.

The Democrat party increasingly worries about Biden’s competency and his ability to stay in office a full term no less make it to a re-election campaign.

Joe Biden’s Oval Office days numbered politically.

Democrats were slow to warm up to President Trump, but that is over now as they know without a doubt they are suffering from buyers’ remorse with Joe Biden.

The Wyoming News makes the prediction that indeed President Donald J. Trump will in fact make a run for the White House again in 2024 and he will win by unimaginable overwhelming numbers that this nation has never had before.

Stats show that President Trump will have a staggering 90% success rate in attracting literally the entire nation. This has Democrats worried as they know that their wicked evil deeds will come to roost, and America will send many of them packing in the 2022 and the 2024 elections.

The McLaughlin & Associates poll shows that over 97% of the national voters want President Donald J. Trump back in power. American voters who voted for Joe Biden are not only having buyer’s remorse but are warming up to Trump’s aggressive, and sometimes controversial political style and rhythm.

America and the world need a genuine leader, not the limp wristed Joe Biden who has dementia and is a pathetic, habitual liar every time he opens up his mouth.

Yep Joe Biden’s days in the White House numbered, most experts forecast Biden will not make it to 2024.

Wyoming News Syndicated
Wyoming News Syndicated
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