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Wyoming Dems Searching For Wy Federal Judicial Replacement

The State of Wyoming Federal Court cases may all be a risk since Federal Judge Nancy Freudenthal is thinking about retiring soon.

The Democrat Party is already searching for a more liberal radical judge that they could get approved by a screening committee for a possible replacement to the Wyoming Federal District bench.

The current judge, Nancy Freudenthal, has been a federal district judge since about 2010. Judge Nancy Freudenthal, is no stranger to the political world, as she previously worked for the Wyoming Governor back in 1980 to about 1989 .

Freudenthal also sat on the Wyoming Tax Commission and Wyoming Board of Equalization.

Fromer President Barack Obama was the President who nominated Freudenthal to the United States Senate for a confirmation process. Nancy Freudenthal broke the glass ceiling as she became the first woman judge to serve in Wyoming’s District Federal Courts.

On June 1, 2022, Freudenthal will be entering judicial senior status. Wyoming Democrat Party Chair Joe Barbuto will be sending in the final recommendation to the White House and Barbuto will deliver the recommendation to the Dementia man, Joe Biden.

God help the state of Wyoming!

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