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Wyoming Opposition To Mandates Is GROWING!


October 13, 2021

Dear Wyoming Republican,

Your efforts are paying off! Wyoming Legislators are voting now on whether to hold a special session to address the Biden Administration’s overreaching COVID vaccine mandates. Keep calling and writing to your legislators and affirming your wishes that Wyoming stay MANDATE FREE!

We are with you and stand beside those who are bravely choosing

to give up jobs to resist forced health care decisions.

You are not alone!

Across the nation and world, more and more people are saying, “No!” to mandates and health care decisions being made for them by governmental powers.

Here’s a brief update on some of what’s happening as people step up at the grassroots level and let elected officials know how we feel:

RNC Suing Biden Administration

The Republican National Committee has committed to suing the Biden administration to stop its oppressive, unconstitutional vaccine mandate. However, litigation is slow and any resolution in the courts will only come after most employers have forced people to either comply or lose their jobs. My friend, litigation is only one tool, and unfortunately a slow one at that. As the most Republican state in the nation, Wyoming should be setting the example for other States by calling a special legislative session to utilize all the tools in its toolbox and find legislative solutions as well.


Montana passed a law that makes requiring vaccines as a condition of employment unconstitutional. They are actively protecting employers from the overreach of the Federal government.


On Tuesday, October 11, Texas Governor Abbott issued an executive order banning vaccine mandates by any entity. This included private employers. Here again, the state is keeping the Federal government out of the health care choices of its citizens.

Where will Wyoming stand?

Wyoming Special Legislative Session

First, we thank all legislators who voted in the first of two votes to call a special session in order to take legislative action regarding Federal vaccine mandates. Your attention to the calls of Wyoming citizens is much appreciated!

Attached is a list of those legislators who voted in the first round for a special session, those who voted against, and those who did not vote at all. Again, thank you to all of the Senators and Representatives who take Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate seriously and voted for a special session to fight back. However, the Legislators will have a second round of voting and they need more “yes” votes to get the special session. The votes in the second round are due Oct. 14th.

As a Wyoming Republican, however, if you do not see your legislator’s name on the list of those who voted for a special session the first time around, now is your time to act. Please call or email your legislator immediately, and tell them how strongly you oppose Biden’s employer COVID vaccine mandates and urge them to vote “yes” for a special session to fight Biden’s mandates.

It is imperative that legislators vote to hold a special session.

Every “Yes!” vote is needed.

Call and email your legislators today and voice your support for calling a special session.

Keep Wyoming Great!

W. Frank Eathorne

Chairman, Wyoming Republican Party

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