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Cody Public Say “No” To Forced Jab’s Or Lose Job By West Park

By: Robin Berry

There was a peaceful gathering in Cody, Wyoming across from the West Park Hospital this morning. It began at 7am and continued until after 10am with signs and many residents standing in solidarity along side those whose livelihood is being threatened with termination because of the God given right to refuse the ‘jab.’

The Federal Administration under POTUS Biden, had determined if hospitals are not ‘compliant’ with the threats from D.C. the funds that would normally pay for the Medicare and Medicaid patients will no longer be forthcoming to any health facility that accepts those patients. Simply, all those people on Medicare and Medicaid will have not choice but to submit to the experimental jab and all those who are in contact with them or help them or treat them will as well.

Funny but the ‘numbers’ of people coming down the latest plague seem to be those who either received the ‘jab’ or are in contact with someone shedding virus possibly from the ‘jab’ or perhaps the ‘variants’ of the plague manifesting itself as ‘viruses’ often do into other forms of the plague. Regardless, when actual numbers are correctly represented, ‘death from’ and ‘death with’ are vastly different. Adverse side affects from the ‘jab’ are mounting and getting out even with the media coverup.

There are few honest journalists these days that are reporting the actual events and allowing the reader, viewer or listener to make their own decision.

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