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COVID-19 vs Omicron Variant

Omicron variant is a walk in the park as far as COVID viruses go. Yet the Liberal media would like the public to continue wearing masks, panic, and needless mandates to control the masses.

Well, the medical science shows that the Omicron COVID has a death rate of almost -0-. Studies from South African Scientists hare reported that the discovery of the Omicron variant was in November of 25, 2021. Since then, roughly 230,000 COVID-19 deaths have occurred and none of them were because of the Omicron variant.

According to the South African Health foundation, about a 30% decrease in hospital admissions of whom had positive corona virus infection cases. Of those cases, 78,000 contributed to the Omicron variant. Of those, the death rate was -0-.

Omicron is just like a cold virus and can spread quickly, but all the cases that have reported in, the symptoms are very mild and the Omicron virus has not caused a mad rush to the hospitals like the COVID-19 and the Delta Variant did.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, only three-quarters of all hospital beds are even being used and of those 2% for Covid cases. The COVID-19 has resurfaced in Connecticut, Delaware, Minnesota, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington D. C. saw an increase in COVID-19 cases, none of which were the Omicron variant.

Yet in the West, Alaska, Montana, North Dakota COVID-19 cases have dropped to near 0 figures. All these states are in a colder temperature and it appears as the virus is in a major decline. So far, the dynamics of the COVID-19 virus pandemic remain the same. Regardless of the Dementia sputtering of Joe Biden muttering, “get vaccinated” the medical science with the true data clearly show that if you’re young or healthy and you get COVID-19, you do not need a vax or a booster, nope the natural immunity is far greater and more potent than any vaccination ever could be. It still out preforms any man made vaccination and is by far safer.

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