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Dementia Biden, “Get 5 Boosters For Omicron.”

The crazy Dementia Joe Biden is now trying to convince the Americans that “A winter of severe illness and death” since so many Americans are refusing to take the vaccination against COVID-19. Now the Omicron variant Biden says is the biggest threat to the world’s public health. “Millions of unvaccinated, will die,” Biden stated.

Dementia Joe Biden only made these comments when notified by his handlers that Britain has observed about 88,000 COVID-19 infections, however Britain is not sure if it is the Omicron variant or just still Delta variant.

Yet medical experts still do not think that the Omicron variant is dangerous like the COVID-19 and the Delta variant is. Studies have shown that the Omicron symptoms are simply like a cold or a very mild case of the flu. So far, the Omicron has spread to 77 countries and most of the new COVID cases are undetected Omicron variant strains..

Dementia Joe Biden stated off camera that the Omicron variant is his chance to keep in control and stay in the White House. Biden wants to force Americans to increase the booster campaigns and regular testing, more hype, more control.

Dementia Joe Biden’s warning about “winter of death” came as he urged Americans who have already had (3) three shots to get two more boosters, making it 5 booster shots and the original vaccine jab in-order to be protected.

Joe Biden needs to be removed from office. He clearly has lost his mind, and the Dementia is making him a dangerous man with power.

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