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One Student Brought Omicron to State, Now Multiple Infections

The Omicron variant has weaseled its way into the state of Wyoming. A university of Wyoming student is the Omicron’s first victim. According to the state of Wyoming Health Department, “The Omicron vibrant is in Wyoming. A Student has brought the virus into the state.”

The student got the virus while traveling in another state, then came back to Wyoming and brought the virus to the state with him. It is now suspected that as he traveled in the state; he was spreading the virus along the way. That is how the Omicron variant works. It spreads from person to person and is very transmittable and contagious.

It also infected a second student with the variant from the first student. The student who brought the virus into the state of Wyoming was a vaccinated person and had two doses of a vaccine, but that did not matter, because the Omicron variant apparently ignores such vaccines.

The state of Wyoming does not recommend that the public run and get boosters or any such vaccines, because you’re going to get COVID eventually and just because your vaccinated does not mean that you will not get COVID.

By the time of this publishing of this article, 8 more individuals have been infected with Omicron. All individuals had been vaccinated.

The symptoms of this variant are very mild compared to the Delta or Covid-19 more like an awful cold or a touch of the flu. It is not a dangerous variant, just spreads much easier, taking on the characteristics of a cold virus and how that spreads. So far on record no deaths have been reported due to Omicron nationwide. However the Democrats are really working to put a spin on the Omicron, What will it be named next, the Fauci variant?

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