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Vaccinated Getting Sick Regardless Of Vaccine Immunization

The feared so-called COVID Delta variant is hitting vaccinated state residents hard.

According to the State Health Department, COVID-19 is no longer the dominant strain in the state of Wyoming. Delta variant, however, has become the dominant strain in Wyoming.

So are the people who have had the COVID-19-shots and not just one, but two shots—getting sicker and at a faster rate than the unvaccinated residents in Wyoming?

Simple answer is this:

Individuals who allow others to put the unregulated, experimental vaccine injection into their bodies not only opened up a can of worms, but they have injected themselves with the virus strain and once it is in the body in it’s raw form such as a vaccine, that person has become susceptible easier to any variant that comes along. So the vaccines don’t work.

The reason 80 individuals across the state of Wyoming have been hospitalized with COVID is not because they were unvaccinated, the bulk of those 80 individuals actually had received the COVID shot with one dose and some of them, two doses.

The Department of Health is claiming that “93% of the state’s hospitalized virus patients were unvaccinated between the months of May11,2021, and July 19, 2021. The Wyoming News reached out to some of the families who have relatives that got sick from the variant, and of those, 100% of them stated that their relative got the COVID-19-shot, so they don’t understand why their relative got sick. Many are angry that the CDC and Dr. Fauci, including the Democrats, are lying to the American people. One family member states: ” Those people should all be prosecuted.”

According to Health data, 205,013 Wyoming people are fully inoculated against the COVID-19, yet of those numbers inoculated, it is that group that is getting sick with the Delta Variant. The vaccine did not work like the Democrats would like you to believe.

Hospitals are not filling up like the liberal media would like you to believe—in fact, their are more people with the flu coming into the hospitals than even close to the few number of COVID cases.

As of last Friday, state officials stated 802 individuals have confirmed COVID virus infections in the state of Wyoming, which is a great number since Feb 11, 2021.

This is not an alarming number however, as Wyoming has observed larger infection rates during the begining of the pandemic.

Clearly, mask mandates did not work—masks do not stop a virus.

Just like the flu virus, which by the way is a COVID virus that will mutate, and change, it’s game from time to time. Nothing new here in the behavior of a COVID type virus.

Have we ever had mask mandates for that? Hardly!

The COVID-19-vaccine does not work, as those who have had the vaccine are the ones whom primarily are getting sick with the Delta Variant.

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