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Letter To The Editor About Park County School District #1 Board

Letter to the editor

It looks like the Park County school district #1 board has a problem.

One of its members doesn’t go along with the crowd and they want to get rid of him.

Don Hansen was reelected to a second term by the people of the district. What was said in the executive meeting is confidential and cannot be revealed to the public. It is so issues like this can be dealt with from within. While I understand the reason for executive meetings and agree, what isn’t being said is also important.

This is a public board are responsible for our children’s education and protectors of our taxpayer dollars.

It appears that conflict of interest happened with this board.

When the financial raises and other monetary issues for staff members were considered, the vote was 6 to 1 in favor. Is it not true, that several board members have family members that were given raises and they did not recuse themselves from the vote?

It sounds like the board wants all members to vote in unison and don’t want any opposition.

While that can be advantageous, it isn’t always best for the community.

Can every board member say that they haven’t missed any meetings and all have followed every board regulation? If so I commend them. It is sad to see this being aired in the paper. With common sense and prayer, I hope the rift can be healed and the board can continue with their appointed mission.


Larry J French

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