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25-year-old Cheyenne Wyoming Woman, Alissa Marie Arellano High on Meth And “Streaking” Naked Downtown

25-year-old Alissa Marie Arellano from Cheyenne, Wyoming, was arrested on a warrant, but at the time of the arrest, Arellano was running around in the streets naked and high on METH.

Cheyenne Police Department Police Officer Teralyn Alaric responded to a call of a woman who was lewd and running around downtown Cheyenne naked.

According to police documents, Arellano was intoxicated and was high on Meth and marijuana.

Arellano was “airing it out,” as that was what she claimed the voices were telling her to do.

Arellano already had a warrant out for her arrest for a previous drug possession charge but failed to appear in court.

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