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29-Year-Old Texas Woman, Rachel Sirman’s Remains Found In Cody

Human Remains Identified as 29-year-old, Rachel Sirman, of Texas. According to the Cody Police Department, a call came into their dispatch center regarding human remains that were discovered.

Monday, January 3, 2021, at about 10:00 a.m. Landscapers were working behind a home on the block of 1300 Sunset South in Cody when they discovered human remains. The human remains the landscapers discovered were only partial remains of a human. When Officers arrived on the scene, a call for help when out to the Park County Search and Rescue for a cadaver dog to assist in the search.

It took only about 8 minutes before the cadaver dog alerted it’s handler that more human remains were at the bottom of the Sulfur Creek. At the bottom of the Sulphur Creek area, authorities observed what appeared to be a makeshift camp. They also found personal items that belonged to Rachel Sirman in and around the homeless encampment.

The Cody Police Department have stated that Rachel Sirman from Texas was a “transient” According to the Cody Police Department, contact with Rachel Sirman had occurred two times in the past 2 years. They made the first contact in September 2020, and they reported the second contact with Rachel Sirman to have been in June 2021.

Local individuals who have bumped into Rachel Sirman in passing, over the years, told the Wyoming News reporter that the woman seemed to be always alone, and by herself, but always “appeared to be happy.”

Rachel Sirman’s remains transported to Basin, Wyoming, where an autopsy will be completed by Forensic Pathologist Thomas Bennet, M.D.

The Coroner, Tim Power, and Dr. Bennet, will investigate and submit their final reports as to the cause of death.

Rachel Sirman’s family had reported her as missing on or about December 16, 2021.

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