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Biden Destroys Oil Industry: Nothing To Look At Here Wyoming Motorists

Because of the Democrats and their Dementia riddled Joe Biden, gas prices are on the rise in the state of Wyoming.  

On the national level, the diesel average has risen 2.6 cents and is back up to $4.60 per gallon, headed upwards to the 5 to 6-dollar range by late February.

According to several gas trackers such as GasBuddy and Fuel price, Wyoming still has the cheapest fuel in the nation, but that soon will disappear as reported at 3.73, which is up 94 cents per gallon in just a week.

Fuel prices once again have a trajectory that will have a substantially high cost to consumers than when President Donald Trump was in office.

When Biden committed TREASON, released America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and sold it to CHINA, America was immensely weakened.

The fuel future for motorists, agriculture industries, trucking companies, or anyone depending on fuel does not look good.

Biden MUST GO; Democrats are the enemy of the state.

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