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Biden In-Bed With Iran Interest Yet Ignores American Interests

Biden sends over 6 million to Iran for just 5 American hostages, yet Iran did not have to pay 6 million for their 5 hostages. This exchange of hostages is fatal and will encourage more hostage taking of Americans because it is profitable.

Furthermore, nearly $400 million that was sent to Iran was defined by the Obama administration as “non-cash assets”. This means that, conveniently for Iran, the money cannot be tracked.

Reeducation camps, where Iranians are taught to be anti-American, are multiplying in Iran. According to the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, “At least 100 people have been held in these reeducation camps, in which they are forced to read and learn religious texts and memorize prayers.” It is estimated that the number of reeducation camps are now over ten with the Biden administration’s funding.

Despite all of these damning facts, the Biden administration has expressed a desire to have a relationship with Iran and to possibly rejoin the nuclear agreement. This is highly concerning as Iran has been shown to be an enemy of the United States and seems more interested in profiting off of hostage taking than anything else. Joe Biden’s lack of regard for the safety of American citizens and his affinity for the Iranian government should be deeply concerning for all American citizens. 

Americans must be made aware of the dangers of Biden’s relationship with Iran and must not let it continue any further. We must be sure to hold Biden accountable for his actions and make sure he does not put the lives of American citizens at risk for his own personal gain.

staying vigilant and informed, we can make sure Biden is put in check and held responsible for his decisions. 

He must not be allowed to continue his dangerous relationship with Iran and must be deterred from furthering his agenda and protecting the interests of the Iranian government over the interests of the United States. Otherwise, the consequences could be disastrous and could put us in an even more difficult situation as a nation. We must take action now to ensure the safety of all American citizens.

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