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Buffalo Bill Dam Has Cyanobacterial Bloom Spreading In Water

The Buffalo Bill dam has a harmful Cyanobacterial bloom spreading in the water.

The Wyoming Department of Health issued a warning that the recreational use in the Buffalo Bill dam has cryanobacterial bloom spreading. Signs were posted in various areas of the dam where people an enter the water way of the dam. This bloom poses a severe risk to people that swim or play in the water or that have even limited contact with the water where a cyanobacterial bloom is at. This Bloom can even pose a danger to even wildlife and domestic animals. Eventually the bloom will dissipate, but until then beware of the Toxin advisories.

According to the state:

Please avoid direct contact with the water even if you are near a bloom

Do not swallow any water or use the water for drinking as boiling or filtration of the water will not remove the toxins in the water.

If you catch fish, make sure you wash the wich thoroughly and only eat the fillet and not any of the skin of the fish.

Do not get water spray on you from a bloomed area.

Blooms have a varied effect, but the toxins in the bloom can kill a person or animal.

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