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Casper Police Department Donating 100 Bicycles Back To Casper Community

On November 10, 2022, at 2:00 PM the Casper Police Department is donating approximately 100 bicycles to the Casper Community.

The Casper Police Department has approximately 100 recovered bicycles that they will be donating back to the Casper Community. The bicycles came to the Department by various means; (lost, stolen, seized, etc.) The Department makes numerous efforts to find the rightful owner of each bicycle, however, after several attempts to find the owners, the Casper Police Department has the ability to take legal ownership of the bicycles.  With this, the Department has the ability to donate the bicycles back to the Casper Community. 

Approximately 33 families, as well as Wyoming Probation & Parole and the Mercer House will receive bicycles today.   These two organizations will provide bicycles to individuals in need of transportation who may otherwise might not have it.

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