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Cheney For President?

By Seth Hancock
From the files of political intrigue, the Casper Star-Tribune is floating the idea that U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney may be preparing to run for president in the 2024 Republican primary.

Cheney may be preparing to run for president in the 2024
given it an outsized importance considering its size. When candidates, including incumbents, want to start unofficially campaigning, they go to New Hampshire to test the waters and build

Wyoming’s sole representative may be doing just that,”the Tribune piece stated.

Does this matter to you? Hopefully not.

It’s meaningless to your daily lives. But, as the media so often helps facilitate, the narrative pushers want you to be trapped in the petty political stories of the day ignoring the reality all around you, like the ever-expanding COVID-19 tyranny.

A story like this from the Tribune is not to inform you. It’s purely speculation to further divide the people with discussions that don’t matter to their daily lives.

Cheney, for good reason, is not liked in Wyoming, most certainly not in her own party/former party (you decide), the GOP. But speculative stories like this simply serve as a distraction from what really matters.

To that point, if this news is true a case could be made that this would be the best thing to happen
for the Wyoming people. After all, as just stated, Cheney is not liked in the state. It’s almost inevitable that she will lose the Republican primary in 2022 to retain her seat in the Congress.

So, if Cheney really plans to run for president, it would probably be a good idea for her to drop out of the Congressional race. She wouldn’t want a primary loss as an incumbent on her record.

Of course, that is speculation as well, but it is to serve a purpose which is to get Wyoming residents in the right frame of mind as the political season starts to heat up.

Without Cheney in the race, that would hopefully force the other candidates to focus on the actual issues that matter to your lives.

They wouldn’t have Cheney there as a punching bag as they try to get the best one-liners against her to pander to the audience.

Call this cynicism, but the Wyoming GOP’s decision to remove Cheney from the state party recently seemed like a good way to take the focus off of its failure to protect citizens from immoral and unlawful “vaccine” mandates during the special session in the Wyoming Legislator, which Republicans hold 51 of 60 seats in the House and 28 of 30 in the Senate.

The removal of Cheney garnered national attention and certainly probably garnered a lot of cheers from conservatives. But with all due respect, the party deserves scorn for not fighting for freedom.

That failure is far more important than anything regarding Cheney.

And, of course, the reason for removing Cheney was for petty political reasons as well, focused on her dislike of Donald Trump rather than anything that concerns you.

There are plenty of reasons to dislike Cheney and want to throw her out of the party, and her views on Trump are pretty low on the list.

She should be removed because she is a big government, big spending, warmongering, arrogant politician.

She will send your sons and daughters to fight in unjust, costly wars that we can’t afford without any thoughts or concerns about the consequences.

That’s why she needs to go.

So, as the primaries begin, what you should want to hear from candidates, whether Cheney is in the race or not, is their governing philosophy. Do they believe government is the answers to all of our problems, or has government created most of our problems?

Do they plan to make promises for this or that, or is their promise to get the government off of our backs to allow free people to make America the land of liberty once again?

Don’t let politicians make petty politics the theme of their campaigns. Demand they talk about issues and their governing philosophies.

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