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Cheyenne City Councilman, Ward III, Richard Johnson Pushing Marijuana Drug Use

Richard Johnson from Cheyenne, Wyoming, who sits on the Ward III city council, is trying to promote an ordinance that would, in his words, “decriminalize small quantities of marijuana inside city limits.”

This attempt by the liberal Richard Johnson Ward III city councilman is his way of the first decriminalization of marijuana. Once this has a foothold in the city limits, the next political step is getting the drug marijuana legalized in the state of Wyoming.

At this point and time, marijuana is illegal under Wyoming State laws. Still, Johnson thinks that coming in the back door will help efforts to gain traction in the Wyoming State Legislature to change the status of marijuana laws.

Johnson has become no longer a Cheyenne city councilman but is now a marijuana drug advocate. Johnson has contacted multiple municipalities to get them on board in his attempt to decriminalize marijuana. Johnson wants those communities to also work on passing similar local ordinances.

Johnson’s proposal also would remove local drug paraphernalia laws from the books.

This ordinance would remove drug paraphernalia from arrests.

Johnson wants the Cheyenne police to turn a blind eye when someone they come in contact with has the drug marijuana.

So are the Laramie County Sheriff’s deputies and  Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers to view drugs with a blind eye towards individuals with the drug marijuana also? The liberals keep on trying to break down law and order rules. Next they will allow the use of Fentanyl.

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