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Cody Police Department Officer Blake Stinson Caught Being A Dirty Cop

This Cody Police Department Officer Blake Stinson is an unethical Officer and the public should exercise extreme caution when coming in contact with Officer Blake Stinson. Officer Blake Stinson needs to be sued for making a false arrest.

Even the Prosecution dismissed the charges as this was a false arrest. This officer is a danger to the public as he makes up and embellishes his arrests.

SHAME ON YOU Officer Blake Stinson. You ARE A DIRTY COP! And a danger to the public safety and well being.

Cody Police Officer Blake Stinson, your hands are DIRTY.

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  1. I always knew he was a fuck up officer. I pity his family who has to live with this violent man

  2. I encourage that boys mom to sue the city of Cody and Dirty Cop Blake Stinson. I hat a fucked up basted Stinson is.

  3. How would he like the public to treat his kids that way. I bet he would not. Kids lives matter. Defund the Cody police. Then fire Blake Stinson

  4. This BAD Cop has anger issues, I bet you treat your wife and kids the same way. What a shame and disgrace that Blake Stinson is to Cody Wyoming

  5. That cop is a threat to public safety. Thanks Wyoming News for reporting real news unlike the Cody Enterprise which does nothing but fluff.

  6. Office Blake Stinson of the Cody Police Department is not only a threat to the public, he is a threat to his own family with his anger rage issues. I wonder if he is unstable?
    Thanks Wyoming News for calling this bad cop out and exposing him

    I put this all over my face book.

  7. Warning to the Cody public, if this Officer Stinson lied about this arrest, how many more has he lied about and got away with? Chief Baker needs to hold this man accountable. I wonder if Chief Chuck Baker is also a dirty cop? Hell maybe the whole Cody police are dirty cops.

  8. Thanks so much for alerting the Cody Public about Officer Blake Stinson and his dirty unethical police behavior. I will always now look at the Cody Police as nothing but lairs and an enemy of the public. This man should be imprisoned. I feel sorry for his wife and family who have to live with his obvious rage issues. In the video from the beginning you could tell Officer Blake Stinson hated that young poor innocent teenager who also look like he just might be a different race as he had darker skin tone than the white cop. I encourage other to donate to a legal fund to raise money to sue the city of Cody. More importantly, the Cody Police Department and Officer Blake Stinson. Blake Stinson you should be ashamed of your bad behavior .

  9. I will donate $5000 to help that young boy and his mother’s legal costs to litigate against officer, Blake Stinson he must be held accountable where do I send the money?

  10. I can donate $1,000 to help hold Officer Blake Stinson accountable. He is a BASTARD and a Liar! Blake Stinson clearly has rage issues and needs to be punished using legal methods. He is a disgrace for being a cop and he has tarnished the wonderful Cody Police Department. Chief Baker, I sure hope you knock this bad officer down a few pegs . If you don’t the public WILL, by helping fund a law firm to go after Officer Blake Stinson.

  11. The Wyoming News wants to remind the commenters to please stay within the comment policy. We want you to have your freedom of speech, but keep it professional and not personal. For those of you wondering why your comments were never was posted, your comment was out of line and not within our comment policy.
    Wyoming News

  12. Oh the public has to be professional but the FUCKIN PIG can lie make false arrests, fabricate evidence and he is a FUCKIN COP with a badge? No disrespect Wyoming News, but this PIG needs to be FIRED!!

  13. Where do I donate at? Our non profit out of New York will donate $20,000 to help that poor minority boy and his mother sue the city of Cody Wyoming and the Cody Police department including Officer Blake Stinson. We will even help fund a defundthepolice movement in Cody Wyo to help counter bad cops like Blake Stinson

  14. Officer Blake Stinson not only has a bad attitude but he does not have the mental ability to be a good , fair and kind Police Officer. I agree, Blake Stinson must go. Am willing to donate $150.00 towards helping hold accountable the Cody Police Department and Officer, Blake Stinson.

  15. I don’t agree with defunding police. With out police we have nothing but chaos and no law and order or the rule of law. However, after making that point of view clear, I also want to express my opinion that Cody police officer, Blake Stinson does need to be held accountable for his horrible behavior towards a child not only did he break laws he fabricated evidence he should be charged with a crime I will donate $50 towards helping sue the Cody Police department and mainly Officer Blake Stinson

  16. First and foremost I believe that our communities teach that cops are bad, and the lack of disrespect that these gentlemen receive on a daily basis is positively outrageous! At each and every traffic stop they are faced with “I don’t have to do this and I don’t have to do that” WELL ……. Yes you do son! That’s where the problem starts. If you watch in the beginning of the video the three cars all take that corner a little fast, prompting the stop! Did Officer Stinson come off a little abruptly? Yes he did. However because of this “lack of funds” young adults no longer have to take drivers education. That has gone to the wayside. When a police officer asks for your driver’s license, registration, and insurance, those things should be known to the driver. If you are old enough to drive then these things should be known. The first response to Officer Stinson was I am underage and I need my mom. Again, No you don’t need your mom as you are a licensed driver.
    AND the first thing Officer Stinson got smell of was a “forbidden plant”
    Folks… our police are put in harms way Every. Single. Time. they leave their homes. They are also criticized for every move they make however you expect them to only do their jobs when it fits your narrative! If a law enforcement officer wants to follow a squirrel because their is suspicious behavior then it is well within the law for him to do so. That is why they are called “patrol officers”. It is their job to patrol Legalization of “forbidden plants” all around us has made access to our kids so much easier.
    Lastly, to call names and say that his family is in danger is just pathetic. I have grown children and believe me as much as you as a parent want to believe that your child does nothing wrong you better stop and look in the mirror. Kids are never gonna change and if they have done something wrong they have to suffer consequences. This young man argued and argued that he didn’t have to get out of the car. The consequence for that was to be detained. If in fact he was driving under the influence of the “forbidden plant” and it was all dismissed because someone’s feelings got hurt then, THAT, my friends is the injustice!

  17. “Protect and Serve”. That is not what Officer Blake Stinson did. He lied, fabricated evidence, and I agree with “Powell Wrangler” Cody Police Officer Blake Stinson needs to be held accountable and charged with a crime.

  18. Am sure that two sides of the story exist, but the video sure lends credibility to the young male teenager. Did he handle things correctly, no, but he is a child still. I blame Cody Police Officer Blake Stinson entirely and after seeing in the video that he lied and fabricated evidence he should be arrested and charged with a crime. He has a higher standard to comply with and he did not. Chief Baker, I would recommend you discipline this Officer before this gets out of hand. Your Officer was wrong, plain and simple.

  19. Defund the Cody police, Black Lives Matter. The Pig was white, the young kid looked like a minority. I will donate $500 to help his family get Justice. Better yet I can mobilize buses of BLM to protest Cody Police Officer Blake Stinson. Wyoming News is their a point of contact in Cody we can coordinate with?

  20. Cody Police Officer Blake Stinson, IS CORRUPT. The public no longer trust you nor the rest of the Cody Police Officers. According to the kids mother, for 5 years you have had a hard on towards that young male teenager. Enough is enough.
    Time for the public to get you removed permanently, as an Officer of the law. You are a disgrace to the Law Enforcement Community and we are ashamed of you because your bad behavior makes the rest of US, look bad in the eyes of the public.

  21. Casper Wy
    We too have bad officers, but this takes the cake. Officer Blake Stinson, you need to be charged with a crime. My family will donate $2500 to help that family file suit against you Stinson and the Cody Police department. I use to live in Cody and I have first hand knowledge that you are nothing but scum as Law Enforcement goes. Wyoming News to whom can we send this to? I

  22. The Cody Wyoming police need to be protested over Officer Blake Stinson’s corrupt actions. Our Oregon division will donate $15,000 to the family to help them hold accountable, Cody Police Officer, Blake Stinson.

  23. This has gone viral now. Any one else noticed that the Cody Emptyprise and the Powell Trib have kept quiet? Oh well the Wyoming News and their News partners have made this go viral. Too bad so sad local media. You’re a dying paper tree anyway.

  24. Holy Shit, so far members of the public have promised to donate
    $44, 200.00 to hold Cody Police Officer Blake Stinson accountable. Yahoooo keep it coming in. It is far time to clean up the Cody Police Department. As their attitude is cops vs the public. When it should be cops need the support of the public. More than likely the stupid Chief Baker will not hold this Officer accountable as he is spineless

  25. No one seems to be defending that Coward, Yellowbelly of a cop. Not surprising as he has made a LOT of enemies over his LEO career. How can he be defended when even the prosecution dismissed the charges? Even they knew he falsified evidence and lied.

  26. “Law and Order” but what happens when the “Law” breaks the “Order”? Suppose, Officer Blake Stinson is not held accountable by his boss, Chief Chuck Baker? Always have supported the Cody Police, but now I’m reconsidering this “Law and Order”

  27. This is not reporting. It is an edited video with commentary from some “defund the police” narrator. He narrates the video to develop a scenario he wants, not an unbiased report. Soleil Teal’s (blue-green sun) article stinks of disdain, hardly a professional by-product of investigative reporting. Instead, it’s a shotgun approach to attacking someone’s character. I think that’s called an Ad Hominin attack.

  28. Great reporting, this corrupt cop would not have been exposed it this video had not been published. Yea let’s Defund the Police.

  29. Talk about distain, officer Blake Stenson showed very evident distain for that young innocent boy that fucking pig needs to be arrested and the key thrown away. I pity his family and his poor kids. I bet he’s an asshole to them fuck the pigs defund Cody police department.

  30. I guess Cody is changing. I remember good cops like Fred Silvernail who I believe was a Cody Wyoming Sheriff back in the day. Gone are those good guy cops now we have nothing but dirty cops running around Park County. And Cody police Officer, Blake Stinson is just another Dirty bad cop who is rotten to the core. He calls himself a “Christian”. Wow if that is what ”Christians” do, then count me OUT.

  31. Blake Stinson is a disgusting example of a civil servant. The way he lied, embellished, abused his authority, and displayed absolutely abhorrent behavior. Shame on you for hiring, and still allowing this man access to any type of authority. It’s men like this that will be the downfall of America. Christian? More like Christian nationalist! Do better, Wyoming. The world is watching and Stinson’s making you all look ridiculous and disgusting.

  32. Ditto, Blake Stinson is making Cody Wyoming look real bad, It is my opinion that he needs to be fired or demoted as he abused his authority. As a long time resident of Cody and on several well established community civic organizations, I am embarrassed that Cody has a cop named Blake Stinson that was hired to serve and protect. Instead, Blake Stinson is doing nothing, but abusing his authority as a police officer. This man should be arrested and charged with a crime demoted as an officer or fired at the very least wake up Chief Chuck Baker before it gets out of control.

  33. Chief Chuck Baker? I went to school with that guy. I always liked him. I heard he went into law enforcement and has had a long-standing career. However, I’m a little bit dismayed that Chucky would allow Officer Blake Stinson to go scott free and not be held accountable internally. I am from Los Angeles, and the news has reached clear out here about Cody, Wyoming and their police corruption problems.

  34. I am a Wyoming attorney for the sake of my credibility and my standing. I’m going to comment as anonymous what I observed in that video. It clearly shows an officer that is unhinged and out of control, violated multiple police policy standards and it could be said that he potentially allegedly committed at least two crimes that I can see. This man needs to be held accountable. This is just my personal opinion only.

  35. Chuck Baker being the chief of police in Cody Wyoming acts like he does not have critical thinking skills when dealing with a corrupt officer, like Cody, police officer, Blake Stinson instead, the chief has showed signs of clearly trying to do a cover-up and keep this out of the public eye. As a Republican leader, I guarantee that this is going to blow up in his face if he does not hold that officer accountable. Chuck don’t make this mistake. This could end your career also. We are watching you very close.

  36. For the betterment of Cody Wyoming and the promotion for Defunding the Cody Police Department using political methods the ISO will donate $75,000 to cause the defunding of the corrupt Department. It is important to promote future differences of views and approaches and create a stable political base in Cody Wyoming which will allow for better community police interactions.

  37. In a way police officers are kind of dumb instead of being so damn aggressive with the young people they could influence that young person‘s life and thinking by the way, they treat that young person, regardless of whether they have to arrest them or not they can still give them the dignity and respect while yet being firm and accomplishing enforcing the law. Instead, Blake Stinson became aggressive, hateful and showed a distain for that young innocent boy that boy will probably always hate police. Thank you, Blake Stinson for being anti-public anti-youth and promoting your bull shit cops versus the public. Mentality. You’re a disgusting disgrace to the law enforcement community.

  38. I’ve been acquainted with Stinson for a number of years, and honestly this is kind of typical of his approach to the public. He often comes off is very hostile and very authoritarian, and in a small town like Cody that is 100% not the way to behave. I’ve lived in Cody nearly 30 years and I remember the officers that were on the department when I first moved here. The officers that are on this department now are a far cry from the stand up and very respectful officers of the past. I will give credit there are a couple of officers on the Cody PD who are very well liked and very well respected but unfortunately they are in the minority.
    I’m not a perfect person by any means, and I have had my run-ins with this officer and other officers of the department. And Mr Stinson is literally the only one that I have ever felt like I needed to watch my back and document as much as possible. He’s come off very rude and hostile, and frankly treated my daughter very similar to what is seen in this video.
    And given the fact that this was a 17 year old who’s probably never had any interaction with law enforcement, I can understand his bewilderment and confusion. Did he act appropriately, no he didn’t but it’s also not an excuse for the attitude that the officer gave him. Instead of being a little understanding and explaining what was going on which can be done in a very friendly and non-threatening manner, officer Stinson immediately became aggressive.
    And if the accusations that were made in the video is far as fabricating evidence Etc are true then he needs to be separated from the Department immediately and they need to do an internal review of all his cases because if he’s done it once he’s done it a hundred times.
    Again people need to realize that Cody’s not a very big town, and there’s absolutely no reason for officers to ever act in this kind of manner. And the fact that he’s doing it means that there is either a serious problem with training or hiring or possibly both. Either way this needs to be addressed publicly by the department, otherwise they’re going to lose what Goodwill that this department has left

  39. I have been a Cody resident for the last 22 years. I am horrified by what officer Blake Stinson did to that child I am retired and I’ve lived in big cities so I know the ins and outs of what officers face day in and day out however, in this case, Stinson committed crimes, he needs to be arrested and charged with falsifying evidence. I personally know who he is. I have spoken to him on multiple different occasions and I’ve always observed an aggressive behavior from him. Therefore Blake, I am going to donate $4500 to help that family hold you accountable. You are a disgrace to the city of Cody. I hope the mirror you look in cracks.

  40. Count me in. My husband and I will donate $2600 to help go after the city of Cody, the Cody Police Department and Blake Stinson. My husband IS a LEO and he does not like Stinson at all. Stinson needs to have his Police certificate revoked. Stinson has embellished and lied about evidence in many of his arrests. Stinson then lies to cover up his actions and misleads the court, prosecutors and the Judge and Jury in past cases. Blake you know what I am talking about and you know what cases you lied about in many of your arrest reports. I hope you go DOWN!!!!

  41. What a sad event for the Cody Police Department. It appears as if the Department is hunkering down in ostrich trenches hoping that no one views that video. Well Chief Baker you your self stinks. What about all those people who came to complain about Officer Blake Stinson. You refused to see any of us. FUCK YOU……Your compromised and you should be held accountable also

  42. Wyoming has the highest suicide rate in the country. The Powell and Cody police condition it. Making people feel unsafe and trapped in these towns. Constantly going after the same people as they are easy targets to them.. and these same people are the ones with depression and anxiety and trama. If you’re a good figure to the community and have money here.. they don’t care if you smoke. As I’ve known high influenced people here who smoke cannabis and police know about it. The video.. brought me back and how I was also treated like this. Multiple occasions. I’m terrified to leave my house. I haven’t walked my city in years because of it. Im now a recluse. Wyoming has no checks and balances. As I have lived in multiple city’s where there is checks. I’ve lived in legal states where veterans are not incarcerated and
    prosecuted. Theyve lied on affidavits, have used the smell as marijuana as a excuse too arrest and search. Even if you don’t smoke weed.. theyll use that exact thing to get you. As I’ve gone long periods of time sober from cannabis as they’ve still used the smell as a excuse knowing I hadn’t smoked in years. Thanks to hemp i don’t know if they can use that as a excuse anymore. Hemp is the male flower, and it smells just like cannabis sativa. And it’s legal federal and state wide. And not that delta 8 crap… Hemp in and of it’s self. I truly pray I can live a good life one day away from this town. And state.

  43. Wyoming incarcerates more juveniles than any other state in America! It is out of control!!! I am the kids mom. I am fighting hard for juvenile justice reform in Wyoming, especially Park County!! Something needs to be done. ASAP

  44. Keeping my identity hidden to protect from retribution. I work for the City Of Cody. Today a meeting has been called between the Mayor, Chief Baker some city council members and others regarding Officer Blake Stinson.
    This has caused the city a lot of embarrassment.

  45. As an owner of a Cody business, a definite need for a police presence is important to keep law and order. I viewed the video and was shocked as to what I observed. Officer Blake Stinson needs to be arrested, He committed a crime by falsifying evidence lying to other officers and filing a false police report. Blake Stinson is threat to our community and a danger to the public. He needs to be fired immediately.

  46. I keep trying to post the address of Blake Stinson, but the Wyoming News comment moderator keeps blocking my post and won’t allow it to be published. 😤😡

  47. Every year our Biker Association makes a 5 day stop 🛑 in Cody Wyoming. Out of concern that Cody Wyoming has crooked cops and will treat our Association members in an illegal manner just like Officer Blake Stinson did to that minor child, we will recommend to our members to skip Cody Wyoming this year and head on into Sturgis South Dakota.

  48. This kid has been in and out of trouble. If you listen to the beginning they smell the marijuana. He should have obeyed they officer from the very start. He is purposely blocking the lock on the door and resisting arrest. He is also on probation, in which mother admitted to on local page. This isn’t his first rodeo.

  49. That may be, but that is no excuse for an officer of the law to conduct himself in a very inappropriate manner and then lie about what the kid did. In my opinion, That officer’s action deserve him to be fired !

  50. Thank you Wyoming News for pushing that video into the open so that finally Stinson will be held accountable. What a shame that it took hard core media to bring this to light. Instead of Chief Baker investigating the actions of his bad officer. Baker was pressured into doing what is just and right which he should have done in the very first place.

  51. I am acquainted with Stinson, and I know his very sweet wife. I know Luca’s mother, Teresa, and I know that Luca is a very WHITE boy, so stop with the minority BLM crap! It’s almost laughable how stupid some of y’all sound! I’m not supporting or defending the way Stinson handled the situation, he has the reputation he has for a reason. He escalated the situation with his tone from the start. I’m not surprised Luca was scared to get out of the car given Stinson’s reputation; however, I know and am friends with some of our Cody police officers, and I will certainly NOT sit back silent reading these disgusting “defund the police” comments. This is Wyoming. The majority of us support our LEO in this state. We are not woke, we are not leftists, we do not support the disgusting violent antifa criminal organization nor do we support the criminal BLM movement, and your kind sure as HELL is not welcome in our town. The majority of us are 2nd amendment constitutionalists, and we proudly carry legally. We do not burn down buildings, we do not brutalize and terrorize people, we support our police, and we will defend our town, our police, and our residents from the likes of you nut jobs making comments about coming to Cody with your BS! Keep your woke crap in your woke craphole Democrat ran cities and states with your high crime rates, which are high BECAUSE you morons defunded your police!

  52. Officer Stinson is definitely a bad seed.
    I am a 50 year Codyite and I have had personal experience with this officer. He followed me home from my bartending job several times, pulled me over in my driveway, said I failed to signal and left my lane. All lies- to give me a sobriety test. He was rude, angry, accusatory and out-of-line! I had not been drinking, I used my turn signal and stayed in my lane. He followed me for three days after that incident. I would drive the three blocks to my house from work and he followed behind! He needs to face charges for his actions and lose his certification as a peace officer.
    When I was younger, the Cody PD would interact with the public VERY DIFFERENTLY! They would walk down Main Street, stop at the park- and get out and walk around, say hello, (that’s when kids were allowed to cruise main and hang out in the park), they would check out our cool cars. We knew our cops, we knew our boundaries! They were as much our friends as they were our cops. They were there to keep an eye on us, take care of potential problems and remind us to make good choices!
    Now the Cody PD generally doesn’t interact unless it is to enforce and incarcerate. It appears they have lost touch with their small town, rural community.

  53. I have known Officer Stinson for well over five years or more. He’s a very hot tempered man. He always thinks it’s his way or the highway. He has no compassion for his fellow man he claims to be a Christian by the way, which he is not just based on his actions and his words. Cody Wyoming would do better if he left the town I’ll even help him pack his bags.

  54. I want to make a comment regarding the “WOKE is not welcome in Wyoming” commenter, this is not about BLM. This is not about antifa. This is about a bad cop who needs to be fired. His name is Blake Stinson I have seen how he treats people that he pulls over this man is a bad man his heart is BLACK and he needs to be fired immediately. Yes I many in Cody constitutional carry also but that has nothing to do with a bad cop in Cody Wyoming get over your stupid woke fear. Not in Wyoming bullshit you are bullshit. Obviously you can’t see in front of your own damn nose this article and these comments are about a bad cop not about woke get over it.

  55. Yep base on the comments, Cody Wyoming is changing and people seem divided. How sad. As far as Stinson goes he needs to held accountable immediately. Retrain him, demote him, fire him, but do something Chief.

  56. A poorly edited terribly ‘doctored video’ does not present the actual event. Since most of this story is not factual, I think that is should come down. Or at the very least correct the blatant errors. Most all of us in town have great respect for the Cody Police department. That much of this story is wrong or incomplete and should not be used to ‘color’ our police department. If you want to air ‘all of the facts’ then do so, but please stop slanting the narrative to be ‘ugly.’

  57. To the Berry lady, we know you’re a cop lover. To bad that you can not admit that your cop buddy Stinson was in the wrong.
    If he wasn’t then his boss would not be investigating him internally.

    Get your FACTS straight.

  58. The political field is changing out with the conservatives, in with the Democrats and we will Defund the Cody Police

  59. Rumor has it…. Officer Stinson has received a seven day paid vacation while the CPD does their internal investigation. Really???

  60. Americabeforeccp@gmail.com

    Woke Is Not Welcome In Wyoming

    Hey you, ’52 Years As A Cody Resident’, maybe you should try reading ALL of the dumb ass comments above before you speak… unless you’re not smart enough to do so. I would totally agree that it’s not about antifa or BLM, however, the folks above seem to think otherwise with their comments such as:

    “who also look like he just might be a different race as he had darker skin tone than the white cop”

    “We will even help fund a defundthepolice movement in Cody Wyo”

    “Defund the Cody police, Black Lives Matter. The Pig was white, the young kid looked like a minority. Better yet I can mobilize buses of BLM to protest Cody Police Officer Blake Stinson. Wyoming News is their a point of contact in Cody we can coordinate with?”

    ** FYI… The kid is WHITE, and news flash for those who love BLM… it’s a criminal organization using the race game to justify their vile criminal behavior. They give 2 💩’s about people of color.

    “Antifaorgansta Division May 22, 2023 At 3:10 pm
    The Cody Wyoming police need to be protested over Officer Blake Stinson’s corrupt actions. Our Oregon division will donate $15,000 to the family to help them hold accountable”

    Now, once again, the entire town knows of Blake’s reputation of harassing people. He was clearly over the top, and Luca, in my opinion, was not being disrespectful. I’m not defending Stinson. I’m simply stating what I said previously, and back to that part where you can’t read…. one or two bad apples do not define the entire damn department!

  61. Blake Stinson is a bad cop. The town is sick and tired of his bull🤬. We use to have good cops in town now we have punks like Blake Stinson. And he claims to be a Christian. Laugh my ass off. He is nothing but a bully to the public. Fire the b$&@$$&

  62. Commentator “Woke Not Welcome In Wyoming” sounds like he speaks with a forked tongue. At one point he defends Stinson then he also defends poor Luca. I suspect that “Woke Not Welcome In Wyoming” is mad because his pretend Dalmatian does not have enough black spots.

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