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Cody School Board Trustees Think Sexualization Of Children is “OK” And Is “Acceptable Behavior”

Voters voted in the Ballot boxes during the election to keep various liberal socialist Democrats on the Cody School Board. And, why are people surprised that the Cody School board voted this Tuesday unanimously, one might add, to keep the sexualized book on the shelves of the school library?
This book is titled, “If I was your girl.”

Many in public voiced their disagreement with the book, and what it is pushing seems to be Sex, Sex, Sex, with the same sex.

According to the Cody School board, that is “OK” and “Acceptable Behavior.”

Meredith Russo wrote the book.

The book talks about transitioning from a boy to a girl, his/her tribulations, and issues mental and physical dealing with that transitioning phase.

At least two of these school board members profess to be Christians, yet this is not biblical.

One wonders how these people, who somehow have become blind and deaf to right and wrong, are now calling good evil and evil good. A sad deal!

Liberals want to keep the text on the library shelves so that it would be available to students who might be curious.

The book is pornographic, promotes sexual deviantance, and is inappropriate, not to mention an abomination biblically.
Little by little, these books are being pushed into school library shelves. As each book is allowed to stay on the shelves, the liberal Democrat Socialists will introduce yet another book that crosses the line yet even deeper.

This is a path that even Sheri Schutzman, a School Board Trustee, has indicated by her comment that “She simply does not see pornographic content in this book.”

Another Trustee Jessica Case also seems to be Transgender positive and does not mind pushing trans-genderism.

Another School Board Trustee by the name of Cathy Roes also wants to promote sexualizing the children of Cody, Wyoming, by allowing such a pornographic book to be available to children to read freely.

So, is School Board Trustee Cathy Roes also flying blind to pornographic material and content? Or has she slipped into the group calling good evil and evil good?
Is she one of those professed Christians also?

Brandi Nelson, a High School Trustee Board Chair, gave the book great reviews expressing that the book was written in very “Simplistic Terms” Yes, one could say that is true.

However, one could also state that one can dress up evil in “Simplistic Terms” to entice children, including adults.

It looks like evil prevailed. Cody School Board Trustees and Cody School Children will have a great time feasting their eyes on EVIL. How Sad!

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  1. Those DAM Democrat’s need to be arrested. Even the Republicans who voted for that Also need to be held accountable. So glad my kids are no longer are in school.

  2. Notice the Powell Tribune and the Cody Enterprise keep silent on the truth? Yet they help promote the liberal agenda.

  3. My neighbor after reading this article, told me she is pulling her kids out and sending them to a private Christian school located in Powell.

  4. All of this reminds me of the three blind mice story except the Cody public school board of trustees, knowingly, turned a blind eye 👁️ to biblical evils. I wonder if they have a sinful black heart condition too.? I will pray for them 🙏

  5. Democrats are led by their Woke emotional talking points. Reality always escapes them. We might as well wear masks and blinders so we do not smell the Liberal stench nor see the wickedness of those Cody school board trustees. But it is ok as it is only “Simplistically ideological non-sense”

  6. The WOKE Socialist Democrat’s are coming after our kids, once they infect and corrupt the young upcoming generations, they can take over our county. Bob Berry from Cody was running for a school board Trustee seat and lost. Berry ran a good race, I think if he would have been elected he would have put his foot down not allowing this book to be in Cody Schools. None of the liberal media reported the truth, only the Wyoming News they have steel balls and spoke the truth. Am disappointed with the Powell Tribune and the Cody Enterprise.

  7. Just saw the article. Am not in agreement with everything written in the article, but I do not approve of sexual corruption of America’s youth either and I am a Democrat that is blue as blue can be. But the truth is the truth.

  8. Glad this news media calls a spade a spade, and tells the news like it really is. As for Cody Wyoming’s School Board Trustees, may those individuals go to hell for inviting wickedness into the educational path of children.

  9. Well, Hells, Bells. Apparently I unknowingly, voted for a Perverted Cody School Board Trustee. Won’t ever do that again.

  10. Democrat, Republican or Independent this is no excuse for this type of behavior regardless of what label a person classifies him or herself as.

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