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Cody Wyoming Police Chief and City Officials In Cover-up Mode to Protect Bad Cop, Officer Blake Stinson

More information to be released that indicate a massive cover up is taking place in Cody Wyoming. Chief Baker is trying to change the narrative, but good luck, he is fighting a loosing battle against the media. The facts remain the same Stinson is a BAD COP, DIRTY COP, CORRUPT COP. So public do not trust this cop and it is already proven on video that Blake Stinson is a bold liar or habitual liar. This Officer is a threat to public safety and security. More evidence to be released against Stinson and the Chief of Cody Wyoming, Chuck Baker coming.

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  1. Do we need to call in the feds to clear this cesspool of incompetence and corruption? Next thing we know the tourists won’t even show up. Cut this cancer off already!

  2. Blake Stinson is a corrupt cop and the whole department needs to be given a bowel flushing to get a rid of their stinky poop

  3. It is high time that the corruption in the Cody police department be cleaned up. Let’s start with Blake Stinson and chief Baker.

  4. I knew the bastards were dirty and hiding something no wonder why the chief won’t talk to anybody about it. He is trying to cover up things. Have you noticed how the department keeps using the words. “It’s a matter of your perspective.”Yeah they’re fishy all right

  5. Officer Blake Stinson, you need to pack your bags and leave the town of Cody, no one likes you. Your history even in Gillette Wyo was real Bad. Destruction seems to follow you where ever you go, in my opinion.

  6. Lol. Chief Chuck Baker, I told you privately that the media would take you down. And they did.

  7. So who made this video? Just wondering where they got the photos of him from and if they had permission?

  8. I guess the media rolled out a STRIKE and knocked down all the pig bowling pins. Great reporting. The Chief did not resign until the Wyoming News released their second video.

  9. My lawyer told me the the Wyoming News has more videos on Officer Blake Stinson and Chief Baker they intend to release showing police corruption

  10. The Cody Police Chief Chuck Baker Four years has allowed a bunch of rogue officers Operate amongst the public, abusing the Public. He knows he got caught allowing Officer Stinson to abuse the public repeatedly and yet he did nothing for years. The Chief is not a good officer. He is no better than Stinson

  11. Ditto, I agree and I am pro cop but this is ridiculous. Cody sure has gotten a black eye over all this fiasco.

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