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Cody Wyoming Police Department News for August 25th 2021

The Cody Police report consists of activity reported by the Cody Police Department for the day of August 25, 2021. This report does not consist of any conclusions of the call, just that the activity took place and where.

07:35 Extra patrol was requested at the Eastside Elementary School on 17th street

7:38 Extra Patrol at the Sunset Elementary School on Sheridan Ave.

7:40 Traffic Stop initiated at Sheridan Ave. Driver warned for speeding. Warning was issued.

7:44 Extra Patrol at the Cody Middle School on Cougar Ave.

7:46 Extra Patrol at the Livingston Elementary School on 12th street.

9:54 Officer initiated activity at Wal-Mart on Yellowstone Ave

11:19 Parking Problem on Beck Ave. A truck and trailer were blocking the alley way.

12:15 Trespass complaint. Officers initiated activity on 13th St and Alger Ave. A citation was issued.

14:36 Officer Flagged Down on McCue Automotive Specialist on Beck Ave Assistance given.

14:52 Extra Patrol at Eastside Elementary School on 17th Street.

14:54 Extra Patrol at the Sunset Elementary School on Sheridan Ave

14:55 Traffic Stop on 16th street. Driver was warned about speeding in a school zone Warning issued only.

15:10 Traffic Stop on 16th Street. Driver warned about speeding.

16:17 Vehicle Crash at Albertson’s Food and Drug on 17th street Blue Suburban and White Sedan

16:23 Animal call at River View Drive Injured gray Pitbull. Dog was taken to the Animal shelter.

16″32 Traffic Complaint at Cody city hall on Rumsey ave A blue Chevy truck all over the road and tried to hit the reporting party last headed on 16th street. Unable to locate.

16:51 Stolen license plates on 12th street License plates belong on a motorcycle.

17:22 Traffic Complaint on Stampede Ave and 17th street. A diesel truck blew smoke from the truck The reporting party wanted to sign a complaint.

17:49 Animal-Stray at Michael’s Tacos on Yellowstone Ave

18:29 Suspicious Activity on Crystal Cove Apartment on Big Horn Ave W males acting suspicious

19:42 An abandoned vehicle at the Outdoor sports Center on 12th street reporting party says that their is black glass.

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