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Three Schools Will Win a $100,000 DON’T QUIT!TM Fitness Center

Cheyenne, WY – Fitness icon Jake “Body by Jake” Steinfeld, Chairman of the National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils (NFGFC), has kicked off the year by selecting the State of Wyoming for its 2023 DON’T QUIT! Campaign.  To help reverse  growing trends in mental illness and childhood obesity, the NFGFC will gift a state-of-the-art DON’T QUIT! Fitness Center to three elementary/middle schools.  Applications for schools interested in receiving a fitness center will be accepted starting today (Tuesday, Febraury 14, 2023) until Sunday, March 26, 2023.  Visit https://natgovfit.org/apply-now/, then click on your state button to download the short application.  The application is easy and the NFGFC wants to hear from as many schools as possible!  They are asking schools to submit a short video expressing why they deserve a new fitness center and what they plan to do with it.

“For the last 40 years I’ve led the charge regarding the importance of physical activity as a way to combat childhood obesity. But the benefits don’t stop there. Exercise has also been proven to provide a positive affect on a child’s mental health as well. Our kids are our most precious resource and by providing them with a strong foundation in health and fitness, we will be helping them excel beyond their wildest dreams,” said Jake Steinfeld. “It’s inspiring to see elected leaders like Governor Mark Gordon champion the DON’T QUIT! vision by jumping onboard and welcoming us into the great state of Wyoming.”

“The health and well-being of Wyomingites is a priority of my administration, and I welcome this opportunity to provide a healthier future for our children,” Governor Gordon said. “Last fall’s Governor’s Mental Health Summit and a new website offering resources are part of our ongoing work towards developing solutions to improve mental health. I’m excited for Wyoming to take part in this campaign, and I encourage every elementary and middle school in the state to submit a video on how you make fitness a priority.”

“We’ve delivered DON’T QUIT! Fitness Centers to 42 states plus Washington, DC and this year we are adding four more states to our DON’T QUIT! family including Wyoming,” stated Steinfeld.  “I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact our fitness centers have on students and communities. When you provide schools the tools and inspiration, you’ll be amazed by the changes that take place. Not only are we seeing increased academic scores but we are also seeing self-esteem skyrocket.”

The NFGFC will have gifted fitness centers to all 50 states within the next few years. Each fitness center is financed through public/private partnerships with companies like The Coca-Cola Company, Elevance Health Foundation, Wheels Up and Nike, and does not rely on taxpayer dollars or state funding. Fitness Supply provides the fitness equipment.  The foundation’s goal is to build a nation of the fittest, healthiest kids in the world.

Physical activity and exercise are shown to help prevent and treat more than 40 chronic diseases, enhance individual health and quality of life, and reduce health care costs.  In schools, studies show that physical activity improves academic achievement, increases confidence and self-esteem, reduces discipline problems, cuts absenteeism, and fosters better interpersonal relationships.

For more information about the NFGFC or to download an application, visit www.natgovfit.org.

About The National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils
The National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils (NFGFC) seeks to encourage and reward innovation in the field of youth fitness by awarding fitness centers to schools that use new and unique methods to promote student physical activity and wellness. The NFGFC envisions a fitness center in every school in the U.S., helping to build a nation that—through innovation and a “DON’T QUIT!” attitude—boasts the fittest kids in the world. Since 2012, the NFGFC has delivered fitness centers to 42 states. In 2023, we will gift fitness centers to Wyoming, Iowa, Vermont & Montana

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