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Embattled Liz Cheney Has Money, But No Wyoming Votes

(Embattled Liz Cheney Has 3.5 million but no Wyoming votes)

Liz Cheney, the social Pariah of Wyoming, brags about her political war chest, pointing out all the money she has raised for her reelection campaign. But Liz Cheney, a total Rhino, is not liked anywhere in Wyoming.

Liz Cheney is actually nothing but a Democrat disguised as a Republican but doing the bidding for the Democrats.

Most in Wyoming put her in a box and call her nothing but a diseased Rhino, whom is a plague to the state of Wyoming and the Wyoming voters.

Don’t forget, this is the woman who is riding on her daddy’s tail coat. If not for him, she would be nothing in the political world.

Liz Cheney made a fatal political move when she sided with the Democrats and voted to impeach President Donald J. Trump and went against the state of Wyoming, of whom she represents.

However, as far as the political scene goes, Liz Cheney does not represent anyone in Wyoming now, as she went against her own constituents.

Liz Cheney was censured in her own Republican Party in Wyoming on February of 2021

All of the counties in Wyoming Republican parties have also censured Liz Cheney, also on the county levels. So Liz Cheney does not have the backing from her very own state.

Liz Cheney fared even worst on the National Political stage as Liz Cheney was forcibly ousted from her no. 3 Republican position in the House of Representatives.

Liz Cheney, was stripped from her position as she would constantly break with the party-line, siding with the radical socialist Marxism Democrats time and time again.

Liz Cheney has allied herself with the likes of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, among other radical, bat-crazy Democrats.

Just because she is boasts of raising nearly $3.5 million means nothing! Liz Cheney does NOT have the Wyoming voters, so all the money in the world is not going to help this corrupt politician Liz Cheney. A strong movement or rather a ground swelling of Republican counties—are going to make sure she is fired permanently. The people of Wyoming will have the last word—”you’re fired!” As President Donald Trump is famous for saying.

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