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Hunter Biden and his father Joe Biden’s days of freedom may be coming to an end

Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s days being free men are more than likely numbered, as criminal charges are looming for both men.

Evidence shows that Hunter Bidne’s former associates, who turned on him, provided evidence and damaging testimony against Hunter Biden and evidence that foreign actors paid off Joe Biden and his family to forward the best interest of foreign governments.
According to GOP lawmakers, “undeniable evidence of corruption exists.”

Evidence shows that Hunter, his father, and extended family members operate out of the White House, a corruption enterprise that enriched the pockets of the Biden family at the expense of the United States.
Soon, Hunter Biden will face charges with felony gun offenses, tax fraud, and violations dealing with the Foreign Agents Registration Act, all of which are high felonies, not to mention that Hunter is and will face being subpoenaed by the House GOP.
Hunter’s father, Joe Biden, will soon face a criminal impeachment. According to Speaker McCarthy, he stated that “By doing this, it gives Congress an apex of legal powers,” forcing the two habitual liners, Joe Biden and Hunters Biden, to provide the information.
The House Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means Committees will authorized and deputized to handle the investigations into the Biden Crime family operations and uncover the role of the Biden financial “pay to play” in their criminal enterprise.

Evidence gathered from Twitter revealed that an overwhelming amount of corruption showed that Joe Biden heavily participated in and directed the family’s influence-peddling criminal schemes.

In a press conference, Joe Biden said he hired Chicago attorney Ed Siskel as his Top White House lawyer. He is the same scumbag in the Obama administration during the Benghazi and the fast and furious scandals.
The criminal activity of the Democrats shit is about to hit the fan, and the backflow will more than likely bring in the name of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The saying “crime does not pay.” sure is fitting.

It’s coming, be prepared Joe Biden and Hunter Biden!!

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