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“Internal Investigation” Flawed and Blatantly Biased In Favor Of Bad Corrupt Cop, Blake Stinson

The City of Cody, Wyoming, claims they have completed its “Internal Investigation”; however, the internal investigation is flawed and shows blatant bias in favor of Bad Corrupt Cop Blake Stinson.

Instead of the City of Cody first having a third party from outside of the Cody Jurisdiction investigate Blake Stinson’s corrupt lousy behavior, they examined the complaint the 17-year-old juvenile’s mother filed using other officers in the Cody Police Department who have a conflict of interest as they are the direct friends and peers (fellow officers) that conducted the investigation.
The City of Cody and the Cody Police Department demonstrated how to call good evil and evil good, and that is what the Cody Police Department did, enabling them to whitewash the lies that Officer Blake Stinson stated to other officers at the scene about what the Young Juvenile male did, yet the video from the I-cop of the police cruiser shows a very different incident, with entirely different FACTS.

A City of Cody employee has told the Wyoming News that the City is contracting with a third party to review the City of Cody’s investigated outcome and findings regarding the City of Cody Police Department’s standards and policies and if any were violated.

A City employee spoke to the Wyoming News and asked for protection as an anonymous whistleblower for fear of retaliation and retribution by the Cody Police Department and other City officials for talking to the media; the explanation expressed that the individual who was walking across the intersection after the 17-year-old boy drove through the intersection was none other than a court employee whom later was instructed to agree with the investigation and that the individual knows that they lied to support the set narrative of the City of Cody and the Cody Police Department that would protect Blake Stinson and his career.

The City claimed in the press release that in Stinson’s affidavit, he alleged that the male juvenile failed to yield to a pedestrian crossing a crosswalk by the Park County Court House. Yet again, the video shows an entirely different set of FACTS, clearly refuting the bold lies Officer Blake Stinson made and claims.

In a press release to the media that was issued, it stated in a watered-down explanation that charges had not been dropped not because or due to the dishonesty of Officer Blake Stinson, but” RATHER FOR PROCEDURAL REASONS, SO THAT THEY MAY BE DEALT WITH AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME AND IN THE APPROPRIATE MANNER.” The press release stated.

However, the public is still not buying the narrative of the Cody Police Department nor the City of Cody as, according to many people, the Cody Police Department under Chief Chuck Baker has rotted to the core with his hand at the helm of the Cody Police Department allowing for “some” rouge officers to target various citizens in Cody Wyoming deliberately at will without any accountability for their illegal actions.

Chief Chuck Baker suddenly resigning and “retiring” also paints a picture of get out of town while you can before all hell breaks loose mentality.
But does the public buy into this false narrative of the City of Cody, Wyoming, and the corrupt Cody Police Department.? Are all the Cody Officers evil, immoral, and unethical? That answer is a resounding NO, but some officers, mainly Officer Blake Stinson of Cody, Wyoming, are bad and corrupt

Stay tuned as more videos have been discovered by the Wyoming News of more corruption regarding the Cody Police Department. The whole Department apparently needs a bowl flushing except the good cops and employees of the Cody Police Department and they know who they are.

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  1. Talk about a dirt bag. Stinson I hope your career goes down in flames. I bet your family is really proud of you being a bully. Based on your actions, you are an embarrassment to Cody Wyoming as a Police Officer.

  2. I am ashamed at our Police Department. I have lost faith in the Cody Police Department’s ability to be honest and fair. I have lived in Cody Wy for 46 years now.

  3. I guess coming to Cody for a family vacation is off the list. That dirty cop Stinson would probably arrest us because we are a black family

  4. Did you know that police officers are outnumbered and restricted by mandates in their efforts to counter street crime.
    So what police officers so they will rationalize the need for an additional edge in fighting against crime so they will break the rules and use illegal methods to obtain and increase evidence against a suspect they dislike, or they believe to be guilty of a crime this is called manipulation of evidence, entrapment and proactive, law-enforcement. Officer Blake Stinson is GUILTY of all of this and that is the reason he has the most arrests on his record. He calls himself a Christian but his words and actions show him to be nothing but a THUG with a badge.

  5. The Cody Mayor is complicit because he allows this corruption to continue and he helps protect Blake Stinson the most dirty cop in Cody Wyoming.

  6. How sad that our wonderful city of Cody is getting a bad reputation and a black-eye all do because of one rotten apple named Blake Stinson. Cody we can do better. We need to hire reputable Officers not the scum.

  7. The sad part is that he isn’t the only corrupt one in Law Enforcement in Cody, it’s not just the Cody Police. It goes way higher than them, but it’s been excepted for decades and only getting worse.

  8. Why does it seem that the city of Cody has let this corruption slide by for so long? We Cody residents who live here can only blame our selfs as we are electing the wrong type of individuals in to power positions that then hire bad employees like Blake Stinson.

  9. Had contact with a Cody Officer yesterday, We discussed the Stinson fiasco and how Stinson has caused the whole department to get a bad reputation and lack of trust from the public.

  10. It’s painfully obvious how corrupt Blake Stinson is. He doesn’t deserve to be a cop. He’s ruining the legacy of good cops in this country, like my grandfather. How a man can’t handle a situation with a new driver, a CHILD, really speaks volumes about how unfit he is to be in this position of power. Fire him and never let him back on the force anywhere.

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