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Let’s Take Our State and Country Back

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​Dear GOP Friends,
My good friend Brian Shuck and the Wyoming GOP have asked me to pass this along to my Republican friends and acquaintances. Please attend if you can. The speaker David Bossie is out of this world.  We Republicans must unite and the networking will make it more than worth your time. If you need help covering the cost of your ticket, I’ll be happy to help.
Here is the invitation (and attachment) from Brian: 
​Darin—The Wyoming GOP is inviting all outgoing and incoming precinct people to the SCC meeting and Bossie events on Nov 12th. It will be a great time for them to connect with precinct people from all across the State, meet SCC members, and hear from a nationally-recognized Republican leader. We scheduled it in Casper so people from all around the State can attend. It is also scheduled mid-day so people can drive in the morning, attend the events, and drive back that night.  
First Annual Wyoming GOP Precinct Person Special Event T
The Wyoming GOP cordially invites all incoming and out-going precinct people from all 23 counties to join us in Casper for our State Central Committee Meeting and Special Events. Come celebrate with us the Republican’s Red Wave during the 2022 elections and come and hear from one of the nation’s leading conservative Republican strategists. Also, come to learn more about how the Wyoming State Central Committee works and find out how you can become engaged in State and local Republican grassroots efforts. 
Where: Restoration Church in Casper Wyoming, 411 S. Walsh Drive
When: Nov 12, 2022 
Events include:9:00-11:30: Observe the Wyoming GOP’s State Central Committee Meeting in action and meet State Central Committee members throughout the day.
11:30 – 12:30:  
 (Optional) Meet and Greet with David Bossie (tickets are $100 and must be purchased in advance)
12:30 – 2:00:      
(Optional) Fall Feast with David Bossie and Premiere of David Bossie’s Movie: “Rigged” (tickets are $60 and must be purchased in advance)
2:00-6:00: Observe the Wyoming GOP’s State Central Committee Meeting in action. It is not often we have a renowned national Republican speaker, and we want to share the experience with YOU – the precinct people on the front lines of Wyoming’s Republican grassroot efforts. Throughout the day there will be informal opportunities to network, fellowship and socialize with other like-minded Republican precinct men and women from across the State.   Tickets for the David Bossie events are available to all Wyoming Republicans online at www.wyoming.gop. All other events are free of charge. If you would like to sponsor a snack table or coffee or beverage table, please call Kathy at (307) 234-9166. We look forward to seeing you in Casper!

Our unity is our strength,Darin Smith 
Let’s Take Our State and Country Back!​Darin D. SmithManaging Member, The Smith Group Law Office, LLCO: 307.477-0700e: darin@thesmithgrouplaw.com
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