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Liberal Cody Mayor Threatens Ron Hill Over Conservative Sign

Comments from viewers

Ron Hill for Cody Mayor!

We don’t want the newcomers to change our Cody into what they left, aka, California! Cody is the desire of many because many from Cody have taken great pains to keep it from becoming like the places all of these people left. Why would we hand Cody over to them when we can see the deterioration they have allowed in their own state?

Ron Hill knows he is on the right side of the private property issue and I love that he speaks his mind and lets the chips fall where they may. Furthermore, he is undeterred – as he should be. We need strong leaders throughout our country to guard against intrusions of all kinds. Ron Hill showed, in this interview with Wyoming News, that he is a strong leader

Hall, on the other hand comes off rather slippery to me.

Thank you, Wyoming News for getting interviews that are worth watching!

Ron Hill for Cody Mayor!

Karen from Cody, Wyoming


Bucky HALL


Watched the interview with Ron Hill. Perhaps you should interview the “liberal” Mayor.


Ron Hill for Mayor.

Thanks Wyoming News for reporting on the news that the Cody Enterprise does not report on.

It’s time, for Cody Conservatives to speak the truth and stand up against this liberalism in Cody, that is a WEED!

Liberals are trying to take over Cody. It is time to root them out, throw them away, and go back to God Family and Guns, and in that order.

I might also add the Rhinos need not apply. Ron Hill for mayor is not a bad idea. I’ll vote for him and I am new to Cody and Wyoming. In fact I am from California and I LIKE THE SIGN.

Chuck B. Kimber and family


Cody Wyo


Eric Rhodes

Great interview with Ron Hill

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