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Liberal Laramie County Sheriff, Jeff Barnes Looses To Republican Brian Kozak Who Is Now The Official Laramie County Sheriff

Sheriff Jeff Barnes looses to Republican Brian Kozak elected the new Sheriff. Barnes received only 11,889 votes to Brian Kozak’s 13,958 votes.

Former Sheriff Jeff Barnes statement on his being replaced as Laramie County Sheriff:

”My whole life has been dedicated to public safety, and I sincerely wanted to continue my service as your Sheriff. While the results weren’t what we hoped for, I pray for a smooth transition, and a bright future for Laramie County.

I want to take this moment to thank my campaign workers for their support and encouragement. For everyone who worked closely with me on this mission- words cannot express my gratitude. Through early mornings and late nights you were with me every step of the way. You will always have a special place in my heart and I will always consider you a part of our family.

To all of those who opened their homes to host interested voters, let me put signs on your property, helped with the various events and offered kind words all along the way you too have my heartfelt thanks.

I may have lost the election, but what I have gained through getting to know all of you is worth far more! I know that power and position don’t lead to a rich life, but that good friends and a loving family do. I am a wealthy man indeed!”

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  1. Congratulations,. Now a more Conservative Sheriff will make a Huge difference and law and order will be more effective than under Jeff Barnes.

  2. I tip my hat off to former Sheriff Jeff Barnes, for being graceful and conceding the election to the New Sheriff, Brian Kozak.


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