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Liberals Aren’t Stupid

Written by :Marc Kelley
More and more it seems the political division in our country is intensifying. The liberals tell us conservatives are evil, racists, irredeemable and immoral for harboring their beliefs in freedom and liberty. Such vile people who would dare to disagree with their woke point of view would earn their punishment as well as the label, Hitler incarnate. On the other side of this coin, conservatives will tell you liberals are nothing more than a bunch of whinney brats, unwilling to work as productive members of society yet, believing they are entitled to reap all of the benefits and freedoms America has to offer. Choosing instead to demand a “safe space” from which they belittle and denigrate the sacrifices of those who died for our country. In short…they are too stupid for their own good. While these stereotypes may in fact represent only a very small portion of our people, belaboring this point has become a great source of annoyance for many of us who simply want to be left alone, choosing to embrace the age old liberal concept of: you do you, and I’ll do me. 
The story which follows is intended to be a tongue in cheek look at several widely held liberal beliefs and the consequences resulting from enacting policies which embrace positions brought about by questionable intellect. While it has never been the intention to ridicule or attack anyone who chooses not to share in the belief that America is the greatest country on earth, it is increasingly difficult to ignore the patterns of questionable thinking which apparently are held by half of our citizens. As evidence to support this contention, one only needs to consult the lame stream media whose average IQ is only slightly lower than the percentage of time their reporting is honest and truthful.  
Just last month following a string of embarrassing Gun buy-back events held in the U.S. which resulted in thousands of Tax Payer’s dollars being paid to individuals who had turned their 3D printed plastic firearms into cash at the Gun Buy-backs held in Houston, Texas and Utica New York, our neighbors to the north apparently felt left out. Acting as a leader with great moral authority and utilizing his own self proclaimed deep thinking intellect, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a sweeping program to confiscate handguns from Canadian citizens. Begging the question, what brave soul would be charged with actually implementing this confiscation? In short order, it was announced it would be none other than the RCMP (Canadian Mounties) who would be tapped for this perilous duty. Calling once again upon the most seasoned law enforcement in all of the great frozen north, the hopes and safety of all Canada rested upon none other than RCMP Special Constable Dudley Do-right. No stone would be left unturned, no railroad track left un-check, and nary a damsel in distress would prevent our hero from confiscating the firearms owned by the sinister villain… Snidely Whiplash.
When the smoke cleared, or dare I say, when the Molson was gone and Poutine consumed, our liberal friends to the north were not to be outdone by the foolishness of their political counterparts south of their border. In a joint press conference the RCMP and the Toronto PD, highlighted their success by revealing photos of the firearms they confiscated. Things were going along pretty much as you might expect, given Canadian’s are a people known for being respectful and non-confrontational, until a photo of an old, rusty, corroded relic, quite possibly dating back to the War of 1812 was held up as a prize equal to the concerted effort required by Prime Minister Trudeau.
As one would expect this event was unable to escape the ridicule of that bastion of questionable human behavior known as social media. On one side the laughter was palpable and on the other ignorant comments abounded in support of the efforts made to make Canada safe from weapons of war. Queries were made as to the age of this firearm, with some weapons experts identifying it as: serial # 1. Still others recognized it as a piece of history claiming it was once used by George Washington, Cain, and even Moses as he led his people out of bondage.
Regardless of your political leanings, considering this fiasco anything short of embarrassing would be paramount to waiting all day for a custom fitted tin foil hat, personally tailored by Joe Biden. It is painful and oftentimes difficult to accept the reality that our country has been beaten at our own game. It is with this thought in mind and laughter in our hearts, we must accept the reality…liberals aren’t stupid, they are frigging hilarious.
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