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Liz Cheney Implores Democrats to “Save Her”

The most hated woman in Wyoming, Cheney not safe in Wyoming politically.
Liz Cheney is getting desperate regarding her reflection on Aug 16. So the Wyoming Republican is mailing instructions to Democrats on how they can vote for her in the state’s upcoming primary.

The contents of the absentee application are included, as well as for instructions on how to apply for an absentee ballot and when people may obtain and return them.

Cheney hopes that Democrats will come to her rescue and save her from being ousted from office. However, when her representative was asked to comment on Cheney’s recent change in heart, they had no comment. Instead, a blanket statement was issued suggesting Cheney was here to represent all the people of Wyoming.

Many Republicans are disappointed in Cheney, including former President Donald Trump. As a result, some are reaching out to voters to suggest that she should be removed from office.

Poor approval ratings:
Only 26% of Republican primary voters have a favorable impression of Cheney, with 73% having an unfavorable one. However, the same poll also found that Harriet Hageman, who Trump backs, leads Cheney in the state’s upcoming primary election (56 percent to 28%), according to political scientist David Norcross.

Following her decision to impeach Donald Trump last year, Cheney has been on a continual effort to align herself with democrats.
Many believe that her recent actions are just a ploy to save her skin and that she does not care about the people she is supposed to represent. Only time will tell if her efforts will be successful.

Her participation in the Jan 6 congressional hearings:

Many compare her participation in the Jan 6 televised congressional hearing to a Soviet-style trial.

Time will tell how the Rhino of Washington will continue her journey. Will she save herself or get booted from office? Only the voters can decide. As the Jan 6 televised trials continue and as we see more desperate attempts from Cheney, we will have a better idea of her future. Either way, she has certainly lost the support of many Republicans.

Do you think Liz Cheney will be successful in her attempts to gain Democrat support?

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