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Madness and Folly

Written by Marc Kelley
“Joe Biden has been wrong on nearly every foreign policy position for the last four decades.”….. “ Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability for F… things up.” In stark contrast to what the media would have you believe, these are not the words of President Trump; but rather, the first is a quote from former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and the second from The Windy City Messiah himself, Barack Obama. Regardless of how you feel about Donald Trump, it should be abundantly clear to America, Joe Biden’s ineptitude is not only destroying our country, but has brought our planet to the edge of WWIII. Common has been eliminated in America through the actions of a handful of zealots, hell bent on destroying our country. Common sense, common good, common values, and common decency have all been relegated to the scrap heap built by those who worship at the altar of climate change. We as individuals all hear the voices in our heads urging us to do the right thing. Yet long ago mankind was given free will and we each as members of the human race must decide what to do with the message.
During his campaign, Joe Biden told us he would bring our country together. He would use all of his 50 years of foreign policy experience to make the world safer for all mankind. He told us he would govern for all of America, regardless of who they voted for. He said his leadership would transform our neighborhoods from killing fields to safe spaces for our children to play. He promised to bring civility to our nation, to stop the division, and stop fomenting hate. Now after three years of Biden governance, finding anyone who can actually explain how their life has been improved by these policies is more difficult than understanding the Higgs Particle. So many broken promises have left America feeling as if Joe Biden couldn’t care less about American citizens, leaving many of our people without hope for our children and grandchildren. 
We are told that America MUST continue to support Ukraine because the Ukrainians are winning and Putin must be stopped. Anyone who dares question where our money is being spent or calling for an accounting, is labeled as pro Russia and a puppet of Putin. We are told, our money is being spent well and Ukraine is indeed winning the war. However, one need not be an expert in cartography to see the Ukrainian gains and Russians losses have changed very little since the invasion. When this reality is combined with the Biden Administration’s complete and total lack of transparency it is easy to see how it leads to the ever increasing anxiety felt by the American People. 
Now to this anxiety we must add the brutal and bloody war in Israel. Even if you do not blame Joe Biden personally for this slaughter, it is very difficult to say his administration did anything to prevent it. The hawks representing The Military Industrial complex insist America can and must fund not only the war in Ukraine, but fully support the efforts of Israel, speaking as if each conflict represents equal importance to America. To fully understand the flaws in this groupthink, one only needs to look at the money America has already spent. Over the last 50 plus years, America has sent approximately 150 Billion dollars in weapons and supporting equipment to Israel. In contrast, over the last 18 months we have sent 100 billion dollars to Ukraine for which no accounting has been conducted and leaving no end in sight for the American People.
The glaring truth which seems to be little more than a passing thought for our elected leaders is …if America is expected to continue to act as the world’s policeman, we must recognize and acknowledge, it is America which must come first. We must secure our own border’s, protect our own people and build the worlds most dominant economy. History has proven time and time again, strength is the key to peace and appeasement leads only to ruin and suffering. Perhaps only now I can fully appreciate how Professor William Tecumseh Sherman must have felt in 1860, as he lectured to his students at Louisiana State University, warning them not to undertake a path which would only lead to death and destruction. Sherman implored his students prophesying… “You people of the South don’t know what you are doing. This country will be drenched in blood, and God only knows how it will end. It is all folly, madness, and a crime against civilization.” For speaking out, Sherman was ridiculed, relieved of his post, labeled as insane, and sent home to rest. Only after his message was proven to be true, did our country once again ask for his leadership and his help in preserving the Union.
I feel as Sherman must have felt before the American Civil War began, speaking out at every opportunity, imploring those who have not done so, to look back at history and learn from it. Warning that we must resist complacency and never again fall into the same mindset which caused so much suffering and bloodshed. Like Sherman, I have my personal feelings, hopes, fears, and aspirations for our country; and like Sherman, I do not know just how this mess will all shake out. Like so many of America’s people, my greatest fear comes from the messages I hear in my head and the reluctance to believe our political leaders will find courage enough to change the status quo. Within every crisis you will find opportunity. This adage is as true today as it was back in Sherman’s day. America’s best days are ahead of her when the people of America pull together. People of every color, every race, every sexual orientation, and yes every political ideology all want the same thing, to watch our children grow up to have lives better than our own. To live a life of peace and without fear; and, when our time here on earth is done, to die knowing the world we left behind is in better shape now than the state in which we found it.
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