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Megan Degenfelder Wins Race Over Cody Wyoming Resident, Interim, Superintendent Brian Schroeder’s Appointment

Megan Degenfelder won without a hitch the top Education position in the state of Wyoming as the Superintendent of Public Instruction, replacing Cody Wyoming resident Interm Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Megan Degenfelder seemed to easily win the top education position hammering on the mask and control controversies in Wyoming Schools state wide.
Megan Degenfelder garnered 62% percent of all Wyoming Education votes.
Degenelder stated that she felt that the grassroots push she had during the campaign was what slid her into the top Wyoming Education position. “Without the grassroots efforts, this would not have been possible,” Degenlder stated to the Wyoming News reporter.

Degenfelder told the Wyoming News reporter, “I will not let the Wyoming parents down.”

Degenfelder has lived in Casper for a long time and has served in top positions throughout her career, holding a master’s degree in economics from the University of International Business and Economics in all places, Beijing, China.
Dengenfelder had to overcome the appointment of Brian Schroeder from Cody, Wyoming, whom Governor Mark Gordon appointed as the interim Secretary of Public Instruction in January of 2022.
Dengenfelder only beat Cody resident Brian Schroeder by about a two-point lead, so it was a close race. Degenfelder told the Wyoming News reporter that she “wants to empower the parents of school kids as the number one voice to be heard.”

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  1. Both Megan Degenfelder and Brian Schroeder were and are excellent candidates for this position. Glad it stayed in Republican hands.

  2. Please keep those DAM masks off of our children and make sure no more WOKE or Critical Race Theory or transgender crap will be pushed on our kids

  3. It was well represented in the primary (where still 40% of the electorate stayed home) that we lost the better candidate. What with the ‘cross over’ voters from the democrat party boosting their choice of candidates in the GOP primary. Be sure to thank a State Legislator since they refuse to force clear and clean primary elections OR push for ‘rank voting’ which is a way for the best candidates to be pushed down, just look at Alaska or California.

  4. Well stated Robin, I’m so upset and disgusted with those who complain but then don’t go vote! Our state legislature’s are poop, they won’t stand up for clean elections, nope, they want to continue to play games. Wyoming can do better, but we failed this election.


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