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Park County Action Committee Member, Speaks Against Mandates

A good way to spend Labor Day, protesting mandated vaccines at the hospital in Worland. There were 3 people from Cody and 1 person from Powell, 2 were from our Action Committee. There were about 100 people there, even some from Cheyenne and Casper.

These things are important. I know we like the “live and let live” policy in our lives but our country as we know it is being destroyed. For the sake of our grand kids and future generations, we MUST step out of our busy lives and take these matters on. You, me, all of us. We can’t “let someone else do it.” There is no one else. We live in a state with low population, which most of us love, but that means that WE are it. WE are the ones who have to fight. We’d better take a stand NOW and fight to keep our country by doing all we can WITHIN the system that the Founder’s gave us. We are standing on the precipice of losing all of our rights. We have got to get things moving in the opposite direction.

With kindness, respectfulness, and firmness, please call or email the Governor, Banner Health in Worland, and the Worland City Council and let them know where you stand on this issue. Remind our governmental employees to do their jobs and uphold their oaths by defending the Constitution.

The Wyoming Constitution backs us up:
Article 1, Sec. 38. Right of health care access.
(a) Each competent adult shall have the right to make his or her
own health care decisions. The parent, guardian or legal representative of
any other natural person shall have the right to make health care decisions
for that person.

(b) Any person may pay, and a health care provider may accept,
direct payment for health care without imposition of penalties or fines for
doing so.

(c) The legislature may determine reasonable and necessary
restrictions on the rights granted under this section to protect the health and
general welfare of the people or to accomplish the other purposes set forth in
the Wyoming Constitution.

Park County Action Committee Carol Armstrong, member.

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