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Park County Attorney Brian Skoric is Charging 47-Year-Old  Joseph Underwood, Who Both Cheyenne Judge And the State Of Wyoming Claim Is “Mentally Ill and Extremely Incompetent”

Leda M. Pojman (R) is running against Brian A. Skoric for Park County Attorney

One wonders why Park County Attorney Brian Skoric is attempting to charge 47-year-old Joseph Underwood when a Cheyenne Judge and the State have already ruled the man is mentally ill and highly incompetent.

The Wyoming News wants to remind the public that Park County Attorney Brian Skoric is running for re-election. Skoric claims that disposal and concealment of a human body is a felony and therefore issued a warrant for the arrest of Underwood. Underwood is currently in the custody of the Laramie County Sherriff’s Detention Center. Skoric, at some point, will have Underwood transported to the control of Park County to face charges. Underwood has been a resident at the Wyoming State Hospital in Evanston, Wyoming, and has been deemed mentally ill by the State. Yet Skoric wants to throttle the mentally sick and highly incompetent Under for further charges such as Possession of a firearm when Underwood was a felon, Fleeing and eluding officers, and interference with police.

Brian Skoric, multiple years ago, charged Underwood with the exact charges back in 2019 but now wants to refile charges. Many in public are concerned that Brian Skoric has mental issues. Why on earth would he file charges on a mentally ill person deemed by another court and the state of Wyoming as mentally sick and highly incompetent? Is it because he is running for re-election?

Skoric is willing to waste Park County taxpayer money by putting the public and a mentally ill Underwood through a court case when the Wyoming State Hospital has concluded that Underwood is NOT COMPETENT and is UNFIT to stand trial and will not be competent in any “foreseeable future.”

Several Defense attorneys were contacted by the Wyoming News and questioned about the Underwood case and Park County Attorney Bian Skoric’s actions. Every one of the Defense attorneys indicated to the Wyoming News reporters that if they were assigned to the Underwood case, they would use the “unfit” “incompetent to stand trial” evidence that has already been deemed by a Wyoming Court as bonafide. The Forensic evaluation of Underwood would “ultimately fold Skoric’s charges.” indicated the defense lawyers.

The Defense lawyers also stated that they had not been assigned to the case of Underwood, so they are only quarterbacking from the sidelines. Underwood was initially charged in Laramie County for sexual assault in the first degree and two counts of strangulation.

According to the District Court Judged Peter Froelicher, Underwood is “unfit” to stand any trial. Judge Peter Froelicher has twice ruled that Underwood was “unfit” twice, one year apart from the last ruling.

Nothing has changed according to the Wyoming State Hospital in Evanston Wyoming.

No one denies that it is highly probable that Underwood is allegedly responsible for the murder of Elizondo. But Underwood can never be charged again for Elizondo’s murder. However, in Park County, County Attorney Brian Skoric is determined to waste taxpayer money on charging Underwood regardless of Underwood’s already substantiated Mental illness.

The Park County taxpayers are confused as to why Brian Skoric wants to waste valuable, hard-earned taxpayer money on Underwood when the same outcome will occur, just like in Cheyenne, Wyoming. SO… who is getting screwed here? it is the Park County taxpayers.

The overzealous Park County Attorney named Brian A. Skoric is running for re-election. It appears that Brian Skoric is willing to use Underwood as his political pawn for his own political gain.

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