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Park County School District #1 Board, Gets More Radical And WOKE

A vote behind Don Hansen’s back resulted in a censure of the trustee, Don Hansen. Park County Parents and the public are angry that while trustee Hansen was not present, they voted him out.

The board alleges the former trustee Don Hansen violated the board’s policies. However, no policies given and outlined to Don Hansen about what he actually violated. Yet the public views Don Hansen as a voice of reason who did not go along to get along with the radical liberal WOKE Park County school board.

Let’s inspect the Park County school board. Most, if not all, have the agenda to subject Park County students to a radical, liberal WOKE agenda. Yet the Park County School board denies such accusations even if their actions that they display towards parents and the public show otherwise. The Park County School board does not want the public to know what is going on behind closed doors. Of course not. They are radical and liberal, with a WOKE agenda bent on the indoctrination of Park County youth.

School Board chairperson Trace Paul complains like a silly schoolgirl who got her nose in a snit, that back in 2019 Trustee Don Hansen gave an evaluation of the District’s superintendent that was not favorable to the board’s liking.

Trace Paul then rants and raves that Trustee Don Hansen dared to speak publicly about the district and its corrupt leaders and what Hansen felt was inappropriate words and actions of the Park County School board.

Trace Paul claims that during a Zoom meeting, Hansen used language that Trace Paul felt was inappropriate during that zoom meeting. But Trace Paul appears more concerned that Don Hansen was blurting out the misdeeds of the Park County School board internal and external actions that, as far as Chairperson Trace Paul felt, the public did not need to know this information.

Hmm..” what is good for thee is not good for me.”

It is very clear to the public that the Park County School board wants to appoint a new school board member to fill the former Trustee, Don Hansen’s chair, instead of allowing the public to vote in a replacement. The WOKE School board is using the most classic Democrat bag of tricks, packing the Park County School board #1 with liberal radical Democrat WOKE individuals that will push a WOKE agenda.

Over the years of Don Hansen’s sitting as a trustee, the public has observed tension between Hansen and the rest of the liberal radical WOKE school board members. That is a good thing. Not a bad thing. Let’s remind them that people who live in a free society call it “Checks and Balances.” What is the radical, liberal Park County School District #1 board hiding?

In another upcoming article, the Wyoming News will expose every school board member and what they are hiding in their closets. You, the viewer, will be shocked.

After all, the board members are public figures and they can not hide their actions from the public’s right to know, forever. The media will slice them and dice them to expose them at every angle. Enough of the Democrat radical liberal WOKE agenda.

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