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Park County School District #1 Says; “No Mask Mandate For Kids”

Dear Park County School District #1 Parents, students, guardians, and community members

It is hard to believe that the summer has passed so quickly, and we once again find ourselves on the doorstep of a new school year.

With it will come new beginnings, new challenges, and new opportunities for learning and growth. This year, as all other years, we are truly fortunate to have buildings full of caring adults, ready to care for the hearts and minds of our most precious asset, our youth.

I know that MANY of you have been wondering what our reopening is going to look like this year, and we are learning of all manner of rumors regarding what we will and will not be doing. In light of the CDC’s new recommendations, I thought it would be very helpful to you all for me to answer those questions.

First, and I think this is the question that most are curious about, I want to say in very simple terms that we will not be requiring face coverings when we start the school year. We do encourage face coverings for those that want them, and can provide face coverings to any that request them. However, we will be leaving that decision to personal choice of staff, families, and students that are old enough to make that decision for themselves. I encourage all parents to have that discussion with your child prior to them coming to school on the first day.

We will be continuing several mitigation measures similar to last year, such as hand washing and/or sanitation, social distancing to the degree possible, cleaning with approved sanitation practices, and assisting State and County Health with contract tracing positive cases.

In short, we will be starting the year, pretty similar to the way we ended last year. As always, if you have questions about specific schools, you may contact the principal of that school. Or, if you have district level questions, feel free to reach out to me personally. My e-mail is listed on our webpage.

Thanks, and have a great couple of weeks leading up to a great start to the school year!

Jay R. Curtis, Superintendent


This info is for all the school districts not just Powell.

Superintendent Jay Curtis just called me and said he had spoken with the Wyoming Health Officer and just got off the phone with the Park County Health Officer.. there will be NO Mandate Mask wearing for any of the school districts.

People .. employees and students will make their own choice. If they do not wear masks and are exposed then of course they will have to quarantine.. but THERE WILL BE NO MASK MANDATE… per Superintendent Jay Curtis. He called a half hour ago to make this clear. An email is going out to all parents of students and employees and it will be on the School District 1 FB page, happening as I am typing this.


Jo Bryant

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