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Park County Schools Receiving Swatting Shots Fired Calls

CPD OG 23-004

According to Officer John Harris of the CODY Police Department, On Monday, April 03, 2023 at approximately 8:43 A.M., Cody Police Officers and Park County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the Cody High School and theCody Middle School after receiving reports of shots fired and possible victims at those locations.

2. This call led to a rapid response by the Cody Police Department and the Park
County Sheriff’s Office. Upon their arrival, it was quickly determined the reports
were unfounded and most likely a SWATTING hoax. However, Officers and
Deputies continued to conduct a systematic walk-through and security checks to
verify the status at the Cody High School and the Cody Middle School.
Additional Officers Deputies and Detectives checked all schools in Park County.

3. SWATTING is defined as the action or practice of making a prank call to
emergency services, such as a bomb threat or an active shooter, in an attempt to
dispatch of a large number of armed police officers to a particular address.
SWATTING incidents are not a new phenomenon, but have increased in
frequency across the nation.

4. The Cody Police Department has received information there were similar
SWATTING calls to multiple law enforcement agencies across the state at
approximately the same time.

5. Cody Police Chief Chuck Baker was in communication with Park County School
District #6 Superintendent Vernon Orndorff throughout the incident. All Park
County District #6 schools remain in normal operations and the school district has
notified their Park 6 Families through their notification systems.

6. “We cannot allow the people that make these types of hoax calls put the students,
staff and police officers at risk or undermine the learning environment and
emotional well-being of our students. We intend to forward this information to
our State and Federal Law Enforcement partners to determine if this call was
connected to any other similar calls”. Chuck Baker, Chief of Police

7. This incident is currently under investigation. If anyone has any information
regarding this case, or any similar SWATTING incidents, please contact the Cody
Police Department at (307)527-8700.

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