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Park School District Six May Get Sued By Parents And Guardians

The liberal school board members at Park County District six are wanting to control the kids with masks. What next, forcing little children to get COVID-vaccinated shots?

A notification was sent to all Park, six parents, and guardians:

In the notification, this is what it stated:

“The Board of Trustees is interested in hearing from the parents and guardians of elementary school students regarding masks being worn during the school day. The Board of Trustees’ primary goal is to keep students in school and safe.

In that effort, we want to share information about how contact tracing and quarantine will happen.

Individuals who have close contact with a COVID-positive individual (less than six feet for greater than 15 minutes, without a mask) will be identified to quarantine for 1-14 days.

These quarantine measures seek to prevent the spread of COVID-19

We are concerned this will result in a “revolving quarantine” as exposed students are sent home for 14 days only to be exposed and quarantined again after returning to school.

The danger is that widespread student and staff quarantines will close out schools.”

The Park Six School district then wants all parents and guardians to fill out a k-5 mask survey and set a deadline to complete this survey by Monday, September 6, 2021.

This is just wrong on so many levels, next their will be forced vaccinations, and Vaxed, un-vaxed discrimination. Don’t be surprised if some Board of Trustee member suggests vaccination of kids without parents or guardians permission. Is is coming unless the public stands up, and fights the school board at every step of the way, hire lawyers, sue the school, sue the District. The Democrat madness must be stopped at every level.

For any concerns and if you wish to litigate contact freewyoming23.com The funds to help parents litigate against tyranny will be available by donations and large private donors.

Free Wyoming
Fighting for YOUR Rights

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While they tell us to follow health orders, we tell them to follow the Constitution, the freewyoming23.com website states.

Park County parents must standup to fight this radical Democrat tyranny.

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