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Quarantine Not Healthy For School Kids To Be Subjected To

The Park County, Powell, Wyoming Public School, has had to quarantine not only students but also some staff. According to the School District, about 30-35 have been quarantined depending on who a person talks to.

It is important to keep children out of any quarantine and behind the school desk learning.

Data and the science show that being quarantined has no positive effects for children, regarding their learning mental status. Kids need to be around other kids for a healthy environment.

The COVID virus is real but less deadly than the FLU virus, recorded medical data shows. Of the 13 students who were exposed to the COVID virus, only one of those turned out as a positive COVID infection.

So far, about 30-35 individuals were quarantined since the school year started, but only about three cases of COVID have been reported according to school officials.

Other counties are having issues with the COVID virus. In Hot Springs County, which is District #1, that school has decided to go back to a form of digital instruction and then will re-examine the student learning vs. COVID on Sept 13, 2021.

School Districts are fighting parents who do not want to have their kids cruelly masked, and at the same time the state of Wyoming will not put a mask mandate or vaccine mandate in place because it is just against the law. It is important to keep the optional mask wearing in place, thereby not forcing people to wear masks unless they want to.

The COVID virus is not a real threat to school-aged children as they handle a cold or the flu, including, the COVID virus, better than adults do.

According to the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute; All school-age children, are protected from severe #COVID-19 because their innate #immune system is quick to attack the #virus, according to a new study led by the MCRI Institute.

But this robust immune response to the virus isn’t the same in adults as adults immune system is slower to respond to the COVID virus just like the FLU virus.

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