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Say No to Forced Vaccine Shots

Dear Elected Official,

As one of your constituents, I wish to express to you my extreme desire to be in control of my own Pursuit of Happiness in my healthcare as promised to me by the US Constitution and by our own State Constitution.

We in this country are not, by definition, experiencing an emergency ‘pandemic.’ Many sources have exposed that the ‘statistics’ have been altered and skewed. The ailment, while serious, is 98% survivable. The ‘shots’ whether the inoculation, or gene therapy, or immunizations however, have extremely serious side affects and have caused death and permanent injury in too many. The choice of my healthcare decisions are and should remain between me and my physician. This current situation is mostly propaganda and inflated fear mongering.

The underhanded ‘control’ sought by some government officials by way of ‘mandates’ and ‘expulsion’ from work are heinous in nature and evil. The tactics being used today were also used by the Nazis to remove the Jews and political opponents from society; ultimately to murder them.

By denying state and federal employees their highly skilled positions, not only are you destroying their means of their pursuit of happiness by forcing them to be unemployed and their family by extension. In addition, you are – by severely under-staffing hospitals and other care facilities – denying those who seek help there.

Yes, this latest illness is serious. Yes, information on this latest illness is still vastly unknown. Yes, we have wonderful therapeutics that work (many of which are being denied to people for a more expensive, more dangerous option which in its disclaimer alerts to causing renal failure.) Yes, this is a highly contagious virus for which we do NOT have real cure NOR preventative. None of these ‘shots’ prevent the illness and there is LITTLE to NO data that they have any affect on the course of the virus, only hearsay.

Why then are you forcing the opinions from the one or two ‘developers’ of medication upon us? They have fortunes to gain and may not have the public’s best welfare in their sights.

While we still have a free Republic, We the People will fight for our freedom from tyranny.

Robin Berry

Cody WY

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